There are many people who are looking for a business opportunity. They want to be able to make a better income and have some financial security. One opportunity is to go into direct sales. This kind of sales is characterized by consultants who don't sell from a set location. They sell directly to people, often in their homes and usually by demonstration. Some examples of companies that use direct sales are Wealth Masters International and Carbon Copy Pro. The companies contract with consultants. The consultants do the work and take the orders. They typically get a percentage or commission of each sale they make.

For a person who is trying to get into direct sales and get their financial freedom there are some simple tips that they can follow.

• Make a list of contacts. Before any sales can be made the consultant needs to have a list of people to sell to. Some companies will provide a list of leads. But the first place people start to look at are friends and family members.

• Advertise. Word of mouth is great, and it will start to happen as more sales get made. But, posting signs in places like grocery stores gets attention too. Another part of that advertising is to offer discounts to a person who will host a party and asking them to invite all their friends.

• Network. Never discount network marketing. Share information with people who are also doing direct sales. Others might know of leads interested in different products.

• Be visible. Getting a booth at fairs, local outdoor markets and other events let people get information about the product and the salesperson. It can generate sales and a list of leads. Furthermore, do not forget about advertising on the internet and other paid sites.

• Get a team. Once the direct sales business goes well the consultant should get a team of people working underneath them. The sales that those people make give them a percentage as well as giving the recruiter a percentage. Plus the more people the consultant finds to work below them the more money they get from their sales company.

For many years people have found financial freedom and security in direct sales. They are a great opportunity for people who wouldn't otherwise be in the job market to get out and have an opportunity to make money and help their family. People who do this kind of sales can go on to succeed and make a lot of money, just from their sales, but they have to take the first step..

Christopher Benoit

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