Simplest, easiest solutions for you to 'get started juicing' right now and essential oils to use – all your questions answered!

Ever wonder exactly how you could get ALL of the recommended daily amount of vegetables and fruits into your diet? The simple answer, Juicing!

One of the best things you can do to promote health, healing and longevity is to introduce fresh juice into your diet as part of your overall nutrition plan.

Consider this an open discussion for a friendly chat about juicing. Please feel free to share what you’ve tried with juicing (if you have) and what has worked best for you and what hasn’t. We can all benefit and learn from each other!

Getting started is the MOST important part of juicing. Your general guide for success with juicing is “Keep it simple!”

Commit yourself to a routine of fresh juicing that works for you. If you have a very busy and hectic schedule you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with one more thing to do. So, I’m going to lead you through a way for you to get started that’s simplest and easiest for you.

Once you’ve gotten started with a routine of juicing and you’ve built momentum you can tweak things as feels right for you.

FIRST don’t let choosing just the “right” juicer stand in the way of your getting started. For many of you this may be your biggest hurdle.

Choosing a Juicer

HERE ARE MY GUIDELINES for choosing a juicer when 'first starting' on your journey of juicing as a healthy lifestyle choice.

Mid-price range juicer. Nothing too expensive or cheap to get started. You want to check out if this juicing thing is really for you. You want a juicer that will be reliable and function properly without breaking down on the job, but a relatively small investment!

I use a 32-oz Pyrex glass measuring cup to catch my juice. Add one drop of your chosen pure essential or blend at the end of juicing, stir well and drink. More about how to use your essential oils for detoxification and healing below.

After you know you are committed, to juicing as a lifestyle then you may wish to purchase a more expensive juicer though honestly a more expensive juicer may not be worth the extra time it takes to get a bit more juice from your organic produce as usually an expensive juicer takes longer to juice and requires more clean-up time. You have to consider what’s most important to you. Are you willing to trade off your time for more juice?

Juice made with an expensive juicer does have a longer refrigeration life if you want to make up juice ahead and keep it for several days. I usually like to drink my juice fresh right after preparing it.

Easy to clean-up. I use a stiff bristle brush to clean the screen and blades after juicing. It’s takes a couple of minutes.

Wide mouth chute, so there’s no requirement (or very little) to cut up your veggies and fruits.
It takes me 15-20 minutes tops from start to finish to make 32 ounces of juice. My routine now is to juice 32 ounces four days a week. I juice on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. Juicing over the week-end is easier to fit into my busy schedule.

When I first started I juiced 8-12 ounces of fresh juice three days a week. At first I had to sip my juice and slowly introduce it into my system as I felt a little light headed and queasy from the extra oxygen released immediately into my system. The additional oxygen in your system has a detoxifying effect on all of your organs and systems.

Start slow and listen to your body. Your body’s intuition will guide you perfectly through the process.

Choose the veggies and fruits you love the taste of to start. As you get into juicing and enjoy the results of your juicing you may wish to introduce different veggies and fruits that are not usually at the top of your list of favorites.

You always want to ENJOY your juice that’s an important part of the equation for getting fantastic benefits from your juicing experience.

You can choose practically any veggie or fruit for juicing. Anything that can produce juice!

I recommend ONLY juicing organic vegetables and fruits. Otherwise, you’ll be introducing concentrated amounts of pesticides into your system which will not produce the cleansing and healing effects you desire.

Also, I recommend very small amounts of low sugar fruits, so that you will promote blood sugar balance and not feed Candida yeast should that be an issue for you.

MY FAVORITE Organic Veggies & Fruits & Their Nutrient Value:

  • Kale (tremdously high source vitamin K, Vitamin A, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer)
  • Spinach (high source vitamin K, vitamin A, Manganese, Folate, Magnesim, anti-inflammatory, prostate cancer)
  • Cucumber (alkalizing effect, balances over acidity)
  • Red cabbage (High source vitamin C)
  • Green cabbage (Highest source powerful anti-oxidants cuciferous vegetables, protects from several varieties of cancer, lowers bad cholesterol)
  • Dandelion greens (one of highest sources vitamin A, purify blood, liver tonic, prevent gall stones & other diseases)
  • Cilantro (blood cleanser, binds to and removes heavy metals)
  • Celery (high source minerals, digestive & cardivascular support)
  • Green apple (cleanser, fiber, minerals, vitamin A, lowest sugar apple)
  • Carrot (high source beta carotene protects eye)
  • Ginger (anti-inflammatory, boosts immunity, cleanser, tonic, aids digestive, anti-cancer)
  • Garlic (cancer prevention, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, cardio-vascular support)
  • Red Onion (supports bones & connective tissue, high source Biotin, protects agains Candida yeast overgrowth, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory)
  • MY FAVORITE Cleansing & Detoxifying Essential Oils

  • LEMON (tonic, blood cleanser)
  • CYPRESS (astringent, powerfully promotes detoxification of tissues)
  • JUNIPER BERRY (blood cleanser, support kidney function, purification & healing)
  • CARROT SEED (detoxification, tissue healing, regenerative)
  • CORIANDER (blood sugar balance, tonic, restorative, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory)
  • ROSEWOOD (anti-bacterial, anti-viral, immune stimulant, blood cleanser, tonic)


    You’ll want to vary / alternate your mix of veggies, fruits and nutritional supplements (essential oils, herbs, vitamins & minerals).

    Variety is especially important if using fresh juice as a constitutional source of nutrition for long term health benefits and healing effects. This will keep you from not only becoming bored with your flavor experience, but also prevent development of a food sensitivity or allergy to a particular food. The general rule is to take a one day break after three days of using a particular food.

    GENERAL RULE for essential oils, herbs and supplements used constitutionally over a long period of time is to take one week off after three weeks of use. I generally take 2-3 days off over the week-end from nutritional supplements to give my body a break. As well as preventing development of a food sensitivity its been shown that with repeated use of a particular nutritional supplement your body builds up a tolerance and over time the effectiveness of your supplement is reduced.

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