If you are a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur and are seeking to start or grow your business, it is important to be very clear about your niche. What holds many people back in the area of attracting clients, is trying to make connections with people who are not a good vibrational match to their business. The first step in locating the clients that you want to attract is identifying who you feel most connected to serve and who you are energetically aligned with. This is accomplished by getting super clear on your niche.

No matter what kind of business you are operating, product you are selling, or service you are offering, you are going to have a group of people who you are just naturally going to add value to. For example, if you are offering coaching skills in the area of parenting, a person with no children to raise will most likely not require the support that you can provide. So, the first step in getting clear on your niche is looking at the potential issues. What problems and challenges have you had in the past and have moved on from? What type of support do you want to offer to others? What does the person that you truly have a desire to help look like? This decision should be a combination of both logic and looking to spirit to determine what area is pulling you from within.

The second part of getting super clear on your niche is more about you than the client. What are the things that you require in order to be fulfilled in your work? This might be a time requirement, such as not working on the weekends, or some other factor that will help you determine what, and with whom, you want to connect. Be honest with yourself about your calling and don’t be afraid to get very specific. One of the mistakes that people often make is not drilling down enough with their niche and then they find that the clients they are serving, or attempting to serve, are not true vibrational matches.

Once you have a pretty clear idea of what your niche is and what your ideal client or customer looks like, make an energetic connection at a heart level with that client. Really open your heart to serving them in the highest way, releasing powerful energy that will allow for an ideal connection. Now when you see the opportunity arise to start a conversation with this ideal client, you will know what to say! You will be able to ask the right questions to determine a vibrational match. You will be able to clearly explain to them how you can help them to become who they want to be and become the answer to their prayers, all because you laid the right foundation in getting super clear on your niche. See how this all works together?

The best part about it is that by making your niche clear to yourself, you will be using your mind and your energies to align yourself with success in this niche. You will have a clear purpose for yourself and your business that will allow you to attract success easily!

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