Massage therapies are known to heal both mental and physical stress. Traditional Thai massage has been around for many years and now it has become more improvised with the addition of the latest tools and techniques. A couple of dynamics has been included recently and that is why Thai massage has become a popular choice, especially among the middle-aged people. 

During a Thai massage, the clients should lie down on a mat placed on the ground while the masseuse will perform a deep-tissue therapy combined with yogic movements and multiple stretches. 

What to Expect in a Thai Massage?

  • Direct Pressure and Yoga Postures

Unlike a classical or a Swedish massage, Thai massage in Perth mainly involves stretches and use of direct pressure. While undergoing a Thai massage, you have to go through specific yoga moves as guided by your masseuse. When you do the yoga postures, the therapist will keep on applying the rhythmic pressure on each of your muscles. 

  • Lie Down on a Mat instead of a Bed

Before your masseuse begins the Thai massage, you need to lie down straight on the ground on a mat, preferably a padded one and wear loose clothes. While other massage therapies are done on a bed or table, Thai massage differs from the rest in this regard. 

  • No Use of Essential Oils or Cream

Unlike any other massage forms, a Thai massage doesn’t involve the use of essential oils or creams. In this massage, the masseuse will use their specific body parts such as forearms, hands, knees or even feet to soothe the joints and apply uniform pressure to your tissues and muscles. 

  • Different Poses During the Massage Process

A Thai massage is completely different from many other massage therapies in terms of certain postures. You need to undergo several yogic poses during the entire session. You can lie down on your back, stomach or even sit straight on the mat. To make sure all your muscles are evenly massaged, you need to follow the instructions of your massage therapists very carefully.

  • Can be Applied Even on Elders

If you are into the misconception that Thai massage in Perth is meant only for the middle-aged people, then you are wrong. This standalone treatment can be applied in all age groups, even on the elders who feel reluctant to bear the intensity of the massage. 

Points to Note: There are no such limitations for getting a Thai massage. However, if you have recently recovered from a major surgery or chronic pain and circulatory issues, it’s better not to go for it. 

Give a Try and Feel the Difference

In general, if you intend to go for a Thai massage, you can expect to put on your clothes and go through a well-defined massage session involving yogic stretches and movements. 

The factor that differentiates a Thai massage from Swedish or Classical massage therapy is that the therapist exerts direct pressure using the elbows, hands, knees etc. on the main trigger points of your body.

Once you undergo this therapy, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated with a huge rush of energy.

Are you excited to give a try? Contact the best massage services in Perth and enjoy the benefits of a Thai massage.

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The author owns a chain of spa salons offering Thai massage in Perth and has apt knowledge regarding the various techniques involved in the best massage in Perth.