Description: Australian Dollar or AUD, generally referred to as Aussie Dollar is Australia’s official currency. It stands 5th among the top currencies being traded in the world. You can get Australian Dollar currency notes in the denominations 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100. You also have the option of loading an odd amount in a prepaid forex card. If in case you are traveling to Australia for a leisure trip, business or any other reason, you will have to get your currency exchanged to Australian dollars. You can get the best Australian dollar exchange rate on BookMyForex.

Best Australian dollar rates only on BookMyForex
As you can see, a lot of provisions have been provided for you to get the best Australian dollar exchange rate on BookMyForex . Sufficient investment has been made to the infrastructure of this site to ensure that the customers get a rate that is live and accurate. Unlike the other sources online where only the indicative foreign exchange rates are shown, BookMyForex displays the actual forex rate at which you can sell, buy or transfer currency. If you find an ideal foreign exchange rate today on BookMyForex, you can freeze that rate and then buy the currency at that rate anytime within the next 3 days. Do you want to book your forex order when the rates are the best? You can make use of our “Rate Alert” feature to get notified via email whenever the currency exchange rates are better.

Australian dollar exchange rate today
There are many currency exchange facilities that work on the concept of offering the Australian dollar rate today which does not change for an entire day. This concept is significantly flawed as even during the course of a day, the Australian dollar exchange rate keeps fluctuating as per the demand and supply globally. The companies or institutions which offer Australian dollar exchange at a fixed rate per day benefit largely through the margin gained by such a concept. This is a way of protecting themselves from the fluctuating Australian currency exchange. However, at BookMyForex the Australian dollar exchange rate is updated live and displayed transparently.

Why is BookMyForex the best option for the Australian dollar exchange?
BookMyForex is responsible for revolutionizing the foreign currency exchange market in India and has broken myths of the forex rate being fixed for a particular day. We constantly keep checking the several banks and money exchangers in India and display a forex rate which is the best at any given point in time. The forex rates displayed here are live and are constantly updated every 3 seconds. You can even access the option of freezing a particular Australian dollar rate against a 2% refundable deposit and buy or sell forex at this rate for up to 3 days. We also give you the option of getting alerted whenever the Australian dollar exchange rate reaches the desired rate. You can place your forex order and get it delivered at your doorstep with minimum effort and time.

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