If you have a problem with mobility and need a hip brace or elbow brace visit the website of the Cypress Company that sells medical equipment. They have everything from back braces, knee brace, elbow brace, hospital beds, manual wheelchairs and accessories, and power wheelchairs.

The company is owned by a family in Cypress and supply orthotics and medical equipment. The company has staff that has been with them for 50 years and has a thorough knowledge of orthotics and medical equipment. They offer comprehensive services that will maintain and improve the physical and mental health of individuals with mobility problems.

Elbow Brace

Elbow brace is given to individuals who have problems for easy movement of their elbows. It comes with 3D knotted compression braces which combine the 3D knitting aesthetics with fusion technology. The 3D knitted breathable brace is contoured anatomically for tolerable compression. It is provided with an anatomically shaped pressure pad of silicone to relieve pain. The breathable knit offers circulation of air and prevents the accumulation of sweat. It has fused pocket and is stitch-free making it appealing.

The elbow brace has a correct fitting with a design that is anatomically contoured. The knitted elbow support combining two silicones inserts which are anatomically contoured surrounds the medial and lateral elbow bones. The inserts of silicone leave the elbow and elbow bones free of pressure and offer a sporadic compression to the joints soft tissue.

Working of Hip Braces

Hip Brace are effective tools to help in protection, support, and rehabilitation of a wide range of hip problems. Most people who suffer from hip problems are women, athletes, and seniors. Problems of the hip are difficult to diagnose as individuals do not know the cause and where the pain originates. Some braces are designed to limit the extent of movement and have a connective piece that controls motion from hips to knee/thigh.

There are braces that are given post operation which have the ability to lock in any position which ranges from 30 degrees to 60 degrees. The support has a set of straps to hold it tightly against the hip and leg of the wearer.

What does the company offer?

The company is known to offer the best medical equipment, orthotic equipment, contracture equipment, and arthritis equipment. The company has now started selling a wide range of medical equipment which includes parasites, neuromuscular stimulator, muscle stimulator, back brace and ankle to mention just a few.

The company is known as the leading distributor of Medicare range of orthotic equipment as well as medical equipment. The company provides medical equipment to doctors, health companies, medical companies, and others.


If you need any medical equipment to make your life physically and mentally comfortable visit the orthotics company website and see the equipment that will best suit your needs.

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