Thinking of scooter wheels? What kind of wheel should you use? We will try to discuss the ins and outs of scooter wheels here and try to sort out the type of wheel one should use. Having sturdy scooter wheels is as essential as having a quality kick scooter.

Most of the wheels have got plastic or metal cores with urethane treads. Metal cores are undoubtedly stronger than the plastic core. Advanced riders would love to have a metal core wheel for extra strength.

The size of the wheel is a significant fact to consider. The diameter of the wheel determines the wheel size. You will get to see variable sizes in scooter wheel. The taller the wheel, the longer it takes for going on and it also helpful for a faster and smoother ride. Smaller wheels are easy for skid move. You need the wheels that help to run faster.

Metal Core Or Plastic Core?

Metal cores are stronger than the plastic core. Metalcore holds the wheel better. When you are planning for a rough ride, you should go with something stronger and smoother. The metal core can be a solution to it.

If the metals cover the core area of a wheel, there are a very few chances to a sudden crack of the wheel. It increases the strength of a wheel in many ways. Metalcore also makes the movement of the bearing easier. Thus it helps to run fast. The faster the wheel, the faster the ride is. The entire rider needs the quicker movement of the ride.


Bearing spacers are a little object that sits between the bearings of scooters wheel. Spacers allow you to tighten the axles of the scooter without reducing the spin. This is because spacers keep the bearings separated. The spacer keeps it tight, and the bearing balls get the chance to work smoothly and faster. As a result, the riders get a faster ride.


Bearings are inserted inside the wheel core and consist of a metal frame. While the wheel is rolling, the action of the ball bearing helps to roll the wheel. ABEC is the rating for the bearings. The higher the rating, the better the scooter wheel performs. That means the better performance of the kick scooter.

The kick scooter or a skate's board is a way to perform stunts and fast riding on a board. Without using any power tools getting a quick ride is an excellent way to daily workout and be fit. You only have the wheels there to speed up yourself. So, you want the top-quality scooter wheels for an enjoyable ride.

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