Many might think that blonde refers to a singular colour. However, the word blond actually refers to a wide range of light colours. A blond hair wig can be of any colour ranging from silver blond to a strawberry blonde shade.
Depending on a person's eye colour, skin tone and shade, there's a blond hair wig out there for everyone! Even platinum blond and ombre shades fall under the umbrella of blonde wigs. Their range of colours available for use is astounding. Here are some common shades of blond, and the skin types they suit most.

Dark Blond

Like the name suggests, this shade borders more on the darker side and is usually available in two-tone shades. You can even opt for wigs that are a mix of darker and lighter shades with the roots being a darker colour. This colour is suited for any skin type and is sported by many celebrities including Kim Kardashian. It must be kept in mind, that dark blond is still lighter than strawberry blond.

Champagne Blond

This is a medium shade, that is also known as beige or honey blond. They are available in synthetic hair, human hair or a blend of both. Blended wigs have 30 to 50 % of human hair and the rest is synthetic hair. Many different mix ranges are available in stores. This is most suited for light to medium skin tones. But everyone is free to experiment and find their own shade!

Strawberry Blond

This is the darkest shade of blond. It borders more on a caramel colour. You can get strawberry blond wigs with lighter highlights or an ombre transition at the base. A close shade would be auburn. You can also opt for strawberry blond hair with lighter, ashy or golden highlights.

Platinum Blond

This is the palest and lightest shade of blond. Getting this colour usually requires some chemical processing, since it is very rarely available in natural form. So, if you buy a wig that is platinum blond, remember to use a good quality shampoo that is free from sulfates.
The best part about blond wigs is that being a lighter shade, they can be dyed any colour. Unlike dark colours, they do not need to be bleached first. Blond wigs can be customized and many different shades can be achieved. It is best to visit a store and talk with a technician to find the style that suits you best.

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