How exactly do you get the guy you want to ask you out? Since the beginning of existence, it seems that it’s always been the man’s job to take the lead? But what if that guy isn’t moving fast enough? Then it’s up to you to get the guy you want to ask you out.

You’ve probably received lots of advice from your girlfriends that simply doesn’t work. Literally walking right into him is probably not going to encourage him to ask you out. He’s just going to think one of three things: either you’re incredibly clumsy, drunk, or missing your eyeglasses. Neither of those will he find very appealing.

There are much better ways to get this guy’s attention. Let’s start with simply hanging out with him with other people. The more time you spend together, even in a crowd, the more he learns about you. When you have one-on-one time, make sure he notices that you’re smiling at him. You can nonchalantly put your hand on his or your arm around his back when you’re near each other. “Hey,” you’re allowing your body language to scream, “I like you! Ask me out!”.

If he still has not taken the hint yet, talk about a concert or movie that you are very interested in seeing. Make a point of letting him know how interested you are, but you can’t seem to find anyone who wants to go with you. If he is interested in you, but rather shy himself, this is a freebie for him as well. He can offer to go with you but without having to deal with the pressure of asking you out himself.

You can also go out of you way to show up at his favorite bookstore or coffee house and just accidentally run into him. Once you’re there, you can express awe about the fact that you two have something in common. With a little flirting, you two can be sharing coffee and then discussing future events at the bookstore of coffee house. Speaking of future events is a great way of planning a lighthearted, beginner’s date.

Perhaps the easiest way to get the guy you want to ask you out is to make yourself attractive to him. This has nothing to do with make-up and dressing style, although they are important. This has to do with the way that you as a woman, make a guy feel. When you’re with him, do you make him feel good about himself? Do you allow him to talk when he needs to talk? Do you try and anticipate his wants and needs? Being just as concerned about him as you are about yourself is how you get the guy you want to ask you out.

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