In the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic, the intensity of the use of face masks has steeply increased. Many people have been on the run to produce face masks to meet the growing demand all over the world. Foundations and other charitable organizations either have not been left behind in their quest to acquire various protective gear including masks to assist the vulnerable and less fortunate people at their reach. To stop all this hustle, what you need is an iMask+.

iMask+ is a one of a kind masks that both protects and connects you. It contains an in-built Bluetooth technology that allows you to easily connect to your smartphone, internet, and music: a feature that no other mask contains.
Bluetooth technology and air quality app completely integrated into a protective health mask

To protect you from the inhaling contaminated air, iMask+ has a disposable N99 inner filter that offers you protection for as long as 20 hours. Besides, this mask is very comfortable, sleek, and easy to wear.
If you care about your health, you could have acquired your iMask+ just like yesterday. Many people up to 90 million around the world breathe polluted air, full of airborne pathogens, contaminants, and other fine particles. Worse enough, about seven million people globally succumb to infections and diseases that result from inhaling the poisonous substances in the air. This poses a great risk to your health hence a need arises for you to get your iMask+ for enhanced safety as you bear in mind that one breath alone can cause an infection.

Unlike other masks that exhibit poor quality, poor comfortability, poor fit, and obsolete alternatives that shun people away from wearing masks, iMask+ is a mask that you will enjoy to where anywhere as you do any task. It provides you with the ease of going about your daily activities like exercising, bike riding, hiking, among the rest. Also, the chances of having leakage in filtering the air you breathe are so limited. Beware that other ordinary masks have leakage of up to 68%, which is so dangerous.

What are these unique features that make iMask+ exceptional?
iMask+ has world-class features that the world has never seen before. The features include:

➤Noise-cancelling sound

➤Mask filtration system to ensure that you inhale extremely clean air

➤Consumer-focused product in line with your needs

➤Comes in fully customized colors, logos, etc. hence a wide range of products to choose from according to your taste and preference

➤Easy to clean

➤It is not disposable hence economical. You only change the inner filter.

➤Has a built-in Bluetooth technology for connection to the world.

Unarguably, iMask+ is the mask that you need in your endeavors to stay healthy especially during this time when the COVID 19 pandemic is ravaging the world. We guarantee you the maximum protection from the CORONA Virus, pollutants, and anything in the air that can get into your lungs and the cardiovascular system to cause diseases. iMask+ is the only solution to the unclean environments' global problem. Get yours now.

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