People with stained, discolored, chipped, worn, broken, misaligned, gapped or misshapen might wonder how to get that perfect teeth. This is where Plano cosmetic dentistry comes in as they help you improve your appearance through cosmetic procedures. Our dentist will be with you every step of the way by developing a custom treatment plan. Some of the cosmetic procedures include tooth extraction Plano which can be performed to ensure all your teeth fit. Kids dentist Plano will ensure your children always have the best smile without fear of complications or missing teeth. Our offices also give gift cards to any clients that refers their friends or family and they come in for consultations or treatments. The gift care is a token of appreciation of being a loyal client. Before any cosmetic procedures can be undertaken, our dentist ensure you accept the procedure and the fees agreed upon. The fees can be paid in flexible payment plans, especially if you are a member of our exclusive Shifa dental club. The club also offer sixty percent discount on procedures, something that our competition has failed to match.

Some of the procedures that our Plano cosmetic dentistry service offer is teeth whitening. This is where the dentist will apply a bleaching agent. If you want at-home bleaching, our dentists offer molds and gels that help you attain the color you have always wanted. Other cosmetic products available is dental veneers that are available for gapped teeth. This are mostly used by the Kids dentist Plano for children with inconsistent teeth. They are desirable as they thin and made with a resin that covers the front surface, thus protecting enamel from wear and tear. The shells are usually bonded to the tooth’s surface to ensure they do not fall off. After a tooth extraction Plano, our dentist might recommend procedures such as dental implants. Dental implants help by bonding to the healing jawbone, this provides a secure foundation for replacement teeth. The implants are created using titanium thus ensuring they are rigid and permanent without the risk of falling off once the jawbone heals. There are numerous other dental services that our office performs using our able dentists and state of the art machinery.

Plano cosmetic Dentistry has always been regarded as expensive and reserved as for the rich, but not anymore. Shifa dental has now completely disrupted the industry, as they now offer quality services without breaking the bank. Our exclusive Shifa dental club has helped anyone who wants high quality oral care able to afford it by allowing for flexible payments and discounts. The club has also helped streamline tooth extraction Plano as they sometimes offer free total checkups and X-rays to members of the club. If a problem arises during the checkups, the dentist will perform the procedure at a discounted price. Our dentists are celebrated as they do not put profit first and the money comes as an added advantage of good work. This philosophy has ensured we remain the best Kids dentist Plano and will continue to be the best for years to come. So what are you waiting for? Come to Shifa dental and receive world class care at a reasonable price.

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