The SKB case was established in 1977 and has come to be globally recognized as an industry leader in the design, creation and manufacturing of polymer molded transport cases. Believe it or not, SKB manufactured its first case out of a garage in Anaheim, California. SKB products have been most popularly known to be used by the music and audio industry, military, industrial applications, medical applications, etc... All of SKB cases, whether they be vacuum, rotational or injection molded, are engineered to provide the highest quality of transport and shipping protection for consumer goods, valuables, tools, electronics and equipment.

Today we will be showcasing the 3R1919-14B SKB Military Standard Roto Case. This particular SKB military grade case was designed to meet the strictest of military standards and specifications. Roto-molded for strength and durability, this SKB case is both air and water tight with solid stainless steel latches and hinges. This case is built to withstand the most extreme and demanding shipping and transport conditions.

All SKB cases are available with an empty interior, but some SKB models do offer cubed foam, layered foam, and padded dividers.

The Benefits of this Case are:

• Solid stainless steel latch closures and hinges
• Water proof
• Air and dust proof
• Resistant to UV, solvents, corrosion, fungus, impact damage
• Pressure relief/breather valves
• Lightweight and extremely durable heavy duty case
• Perfect for shipping, transportation and extreme terrain

All of the cases from SKB are heavy duty, lightweight and can easily be transported or shipped to just about any location you can think of. They are also airtight, water tight and resistant to impact damage, UV rays, solvents, fungus, and corrosion. Like all SKB Cases, this case comes with the "Million Mile" Guarantee. So basically, if you manage to break your SKB case, SKB will repair or replace the case at absolutely no cost to you. What's even greater is the fact that this unconditional guarantee lasts forever. That's right, FOREVER. So you can expect your case to always be around for a lifetime of service.

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Cases By Masco does offer customizable case options for SKB cases. We have the ability to shape a wide variety of shapes and forms from a variety of foams. Due to our large inventory of in stock foam, we can quickly and efficiently design and create a custom foam insert for your custom case. Contact us today for more information on other cases in stock and how we can help you customize a case.