When it comes to secure, rugged and heavy duty storage, the Pelican 1660 case is the perfect solution. The Pelican 1660 cases are known worldwide as an industry leader in when it comes to shipping and transport cases. Over the years Pelican has created a multitude of products that have been engineered to protect valuable tools, electronics and pieces and goods for outdoor and hobby enthusiasts, as well as for industries like the music industry, pro-audio industry, the military industry, the medical industry and more.

In particular, the Pelican 1660 case is made from an injection molded structural copolymer polypropylene that creates a heavy duty, watertight, airtight, and corrosion resistant body. The case also includes, locking latches and comfortable luggage style handles. What makes this case even more great is the fact that, it also features a quarter inch neoprene o-ring , ABS latches, and an automatic pressure valve in the event that there are changes in atmospheric pressure. It’s sleek design and quality craftsmanship makes this particular style of carrying case the ideal choice for professionals. You can always trust and feel confident in your choice to house your absolute most valuable items or equipment in one of the Pelican 1660 cases.

An Overview of the Pelican 1660 Case

•Injection molded structural copolymer polypropylene
•Inside length of 29.13 inches; inside width of 20.5 inches; inside height of 17.63 inches, inside base depth of 14.13 inches and inside lid depth of 3.5 inches
•Optional cubed foam or padded dividers
•Weight of 34 pounds
•Weight with foam 42 pounds
•Floats in water with 350 pounds
•3 hinges
•3 handles (2 side handles, 1 telescoping pull handle)
•7 ABS latches
•ATA rated
•Ships UPS
•Full foam and no foam options are standard

In addition to the resiliency that the Pelican 1660 case has to offer, these cases are easily customizable. That’s right. These cases can easily be turned into a customized case. How? Well for starters, you have to decide what you want to house in your particular case or cases. Next, would be to write down the dimensions of the objects you would like to store in your case. If you’re having trouble trying to figure out exactly how you want the objects to fit in the case, Cases By Masco can help. You can send all of the items to Cases by Masco in order to create your cases’ custom foam interior. From there Cases By Masco will take your new custom foam interior and make sure it is a perfect match for your case.

So if you’re interested in this case, be sure to get in touch with Cases by Masco today for more information on this particular case and any of their other products!

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