Once you build your product page it’s important to get customers to visit the page and purchase your title. The more traffic you drive to your product page, the more Amazon’s analytics remember what customers are interested in and the more books you will sell. This prompts some selling features to market and recommend your titles. There are several things you can do to master this strategy and here are the top 10:

1. Cross market your titles by joining Amazon’s Associates program and put your product links on your website. The more exposure people have to your title the more likely they will be to purchase it.
2. Click on your detail page and then other pages with similar content, especially if it’s a higher ranked title. Go back and forth as often as possible.
3. Make sure your title and description have relevant words identifying your product. If your book deals with affirmations, make sure the title and description have that word in it.
4. Sign up for Search Inside the Book to allow customers to view your title and feed the search engines more relevant content.
5. Sign up for and build your Author Central profile. Hook up your RSS feed and use a video to promote your work.
6. Assign up to two browsing categories for your title. Research which ones make the most sense and contact customer service to add them if you did not set them up initially. Start with the books category and drill down to narrow the category.
7. Consider using one of Amazon’s advertising programs to cross market or announce a new title. Their co-op programs although pricey, can be effective especially on a new release.
8. Use social media to announce new releases or as part of your overall marketing strategy.
9. Get your information in as many places as possible and use the internet to promote you as the author, your message and your titles will automatically follow.
10. Take the Stress Free approach and concentrate on one or two marketing initiatives at once. Avoid getting overwhelmed with all the things people tell you, you need to be doing to promote your title. You will be more effective and healthier if you focus on one project and complete it.

Mastering selling on Amazon is a strong marketing strategy one that I highly recommend. There are things you will learn that can be immediately implemented. For a closer look at how you can market on Amazon take a look at how Stress Free Kids is positioned.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about Amazon, internet marketing or marketing and distribution strategies.

Author's Bio: 

Rick Lite is the marketing and distribution brains behind Stress Free Kids. He has launched dozens of book and CD titles over the past 7 years. His marketing strategies have included creating partnerships with domestic and international distributors, online and catalog resellers, digital download distributors and many non for profit organizations that use titles for fund-raising events. Over the last 7 years, Rick has been responsible for selling over 100,000 units of book and CD titles through Amazon.com and has several titles “in-store” with Borders, Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million. I can be reached at (770)321-4066 or by emailing rick@StressFreeMarketing.us