Wedding is a memorable event in every one’s life. It is an extremely romantic and joyful event that brings hope and happiness in your life. Planning a wedding is an exciting and emotional experience for the couple. So plan your wedding in such a way that it would be an unforgettable occasion for you and for your guest. Wedding planning does not focus only on the arrangements of a wedding but also on the budget. It should be done as per your budget.

Wedding planning is a huge responsibility. You need to list the various responsibilities among your family members. It is very necessary to divide the responsibilities properly among the family members. The first thing to decide is what kind of weddings you want. Whether it is going to be a family affair or a gala show? Apart from your personal choice, the decision may also depend upon your budget. If you planning it small just with family member and close friends, then the arrangements get simpler but if you are planning it big, then you need to get working at least six months before. This is the time to sit with your wedding list. And mark the most important work to be done at priority.

Let’s start the planning with perfect flower for wedding. Because flowers are very symbolic & they will give out the unique aura of exotica. Take the choice of the best wedding flowers & flower pots along with the best designer flower vases & flower bouquets. Online you can get the best florists in India and they will help you to do so. Ferns & Petals (FnP) is just like your local flower shop which will make you aware about all the wedding decoration ideas along with every requirement for making your wedding a memorable. Now come to the wedding dress, to make your wedding the most memorable event in your life the costumes & the wedding dresses hold a great importance. The bridegroom’s dress should be the authentic & traditional and bride should be like princess. Finally perfect theme must be realistic and unique. Royal wedding , palace wedding etc are very popular themes in India.

To capture all the precious events it is important to hire experienced photographers. That is also a part of wedding planning. Planning a wedding is not less than planning a big show. Now a day hiring a good wedding planner is become a trend, because planning a wedding is not easy task. That why most of the couples use to hire wedding planner to keep them away from the problems. Wedding ceremony is very special day for both bride and groom. So make your wedding memorable event with good and advance planning.

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