Getting what you want does not have to be a confusing task. There is a process that makes it easier. Here are three steps to getting what you want.

Get Clear. Find out what you really want by taking time for some serious introspection. Spend some time alone thinking about what you want. Then think about all of the reasons behind you having that desire. This should create an emotional response within you. You should be able to visualize it also. Next, ask yourself why do you want it. Write down everything that comes to mind when you think of your dream.

Make a Plan. Map out a step by step process of what it will take to get what you have decided to go after. Include everything that you need to do. Include everything that you need to learn. Determine which people you will need to ask for help. Put all of the necessary tasks into chronological order. Start with what you need to do first then next and so on. You now have your plan.

Do It. Get started now. The sooner you start the quicker you will begin aligning forces in your favor. When you start taking steps towards getting what you want you tell yourself and the world that you are serious. Waiting until the conditions improve before you start only saps your initiative and ambition. Taking action does the opposite. If you are already busy moving in the direction that you want to go in it is easier to get support from others. You also put yourself in a better position to seize opportunities. These opportunities would not have been presented to you had you just made your plan and then simply waited.

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