This is the era of globalization. Thus news accompanies the people throughout the day. A person doesn’t need to do any efforts. Just by logging on to the World Wide Web or switching on the television, daily newspapers can be taken. Latest news is provided by all of them. The news that is expected is of large number. It ranges from the global news to politics news to world breaking news. The journalists never leave a chance for dealing with all kinds of minute details of the news. This is true whether it is broadcast media or the print media. A person has to just relax and sit back. He can get to know all the things that are taking place across all the corners of the world. The events should not be kept hidden. The eyes of journalists are very watchful.

Some people feel that a very hot category of news is the current affair. It surely gets the best position in the world of news. There is always an interest and enthusiasm among the people for knowing about the events and happenings of the world.

• The demand is very nicely fulfilled by different kinds of news channels. They cater to all kinds of news which is latest and will interest the people. International News is provided round the clock by some channels.

• The opinion of the public also changes due to media. Sometimes, it leads to defamation while sometimes the public praises. Thus, an essential role is played by the public in the modification of the mentality of the masses. Often people believe only those things that are true. Things are sometimes taken for granted

• There is a competition among many news channels. All of them desire a top spot. Sometimes, there is confusion as to what news channel should be watched. Sometimes, there is influence of various news channels due to political parties. The version of news is very dictated. However, it is not right to give out such lucrative offers. Viewers cannot do anything. They have to see all the things that are shown by the channels. Discretion has to be exercised.

Apart from the global news and world breaking news, the readers are also interested in fitness news and entertainment news. Devoted fans always wish to read about the celebrities as well as their affairs. Latest news is desired by all kinds of people.

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