What are your excuses for not doing something about your life? When you start learning anything, the line of least resistance has the tendency to win. Don't fall into the trap!

Set your goals. Choose a course of action. Hire a coach, hypnotherapist, or other professional to assist you as you begin to navigate your way to the life you really want. And then, stick to it. As the old saying goes, “inch by inch, it’s a cinch.”

Yeah, but I don't have time for this. You’ve got the same 24 hours as everyone else. How are you investing your time? It takes less than a minute to get step into your “circle of Excellence” to fire an anchor; shift perceptive position; put on a new attitude. Five times a day can take less than 30 minutes and can change how you feel the rest of the day, the rest of your life.

Yeah, but the other person isn't changing. You can only change yourself, no one else. Use your tools for your own sake; that you might be transformed. Expect life to begin to, little by little, transform around you every time you use a tool. Don't miss the effect you can have on others when you are more resourceful and flowing in the peace of your personal mastery.

Yeah, but this isn't working. Be patient. You are changing patterns of thinking/feeling and speaking/behaving that you have developed over how many years? You are now learning to live a new life in a new way. These are new skills, and just like learning any new skill, it takes practice. Doing is the key. You will not be as effective if you only intellectually understand. You need to focus on and engage the mind-body system--the thoughts/feelings.

Please, remember it's not about getting it perfect. We all have days when doing something about mental/emotional state is the last thing we think about. No problem. What really matters is increasing the number of times you recognize yourself going where you don’t want to go and then doing something about it one more time today than you did yesterday. After all, just one extra shift to a peaceful, loving, resourceful state a day can save a lot of wear and tear on your mind/body. Here are two simple things you can do to help you increase your resourcefulness, and recharge your batteries. Use either of these tools before you feel totally stressed.

1. Stop for 30 seconds to a minute and finding something in your life to appreciate and be grateful for. Each time you do this, you produce a shift toward a more peaceful and resourceful state of mind/body.

2. Stop. Notice your breathing. Don’t try to control it, just pause… and notice it. Notice what is happening somatically. What’s going on in your body. Allow yourself to become completely present.

Have fun with this and other tools you might use. If you are too serious, it will feel like work. Think of ways to build your tools into your daily routine. When you catch yourself remembering that you forgot to use a tool, use one right there and then. It's never too late!

Author's Bio: 

Charles Eduardos - Transformation Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner & Hypnotherapist
dedicated to assisting you in your quest for a transformed life. I believe that you can have, you can achieve and you can be more than you ever imagined. I want to partner with you and help you take charge of your thinking and renew your Mind.