The demand for clean and plant-based proteins are at an all-time high amidst worries about animal protein products. How is Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein different from dairy products? It doesn’t have hormones and drugs that livestock is administered routinely. This plant-based protein is also without lactose and has no need for pasteurization for destroying pathogens.

Pasteurization denature proteins and destroys beneficial enzymes and probiotics.

Brown rice protein powder is as good as animal protein

North Coast Naturals Organic Brown Rice Protein

The best organic brown rice protein powder is RAW. The reason is that low temperatures are used to make it, and this stops heat damage to proteins and conserves probiotics and enzymes. Such a powder is also highly digestible since probiotics and enzymes promote healthy digestion.

Moreover, a premium Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein powder has each essential amino acid in the ideal amount. Thus, it’s as good as animal protein. A Brown Rice Protein powder is appropriate for vegans and vegetarians.

Such a powder is a Non-GMO Project verified and Certified USDA Organic. Dual certification is the definitive standard for excellence today. It implies these crops haven’t been sprayed with pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides.

It is essential to have probiotics with protein

The importance of having premium protein cannot be overemphasized. But, probiotics are just as important as they facilitate the digestion of protein. A serving of a quality probiotic supplement has some billion good bacteria that make the gut a friendlier place. Some of them are bifidum, casei, acidophilus, plantarum, bulgaricus, rhamnosus, and breve. All of them have vegetarian sources.

The Blueberry probiotic of bio k+ has a variety of strains of good bacteria and the right amount of rice protein powder. You have to put in a spoonful into shakes, smoothies, ice cream, raw and baked treats, and recipes. You are going to get the much-needed protein and nutrient boost! Are you fond of grilled vegetables, pizza, soups, and pasta? Have a nutritious and delicious treat by adding some italian seasoning and this probiotic to them.

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