What is HD Brows?

This is a seven-step eyebrow shaping treatment aiming at design. It involves a merger of techniques, including tinting, waxing & threading. High Definition Brows or HD brows in Sidcup are the latest trends thorough across Ireland & the U.K. Martina Christine is delighted to offer you the unique 7 step brow treatment. A Shaped & defined eyebrows frame your face & guarantee a good brush appearance at all times.

Book your treatment today. In the safe hands of our HD Brow specialist, we will mentor you through your 7 step treatment. Not only do our Eyebrows frame our face, but over 70% of our exterior expressions also depend on them! So whether you have over clutch or bushy brows HD Brows can sculpt the perfect shape for your face. An HD Brow treatment in the hands by our fully experienced HD Brow specialist can take up to 40mins. Strip testing is essential 48hs earlier.

HD Brows uses a 7 step treatment that can totally change even the most over clutch and unruly brows into perfectly arched brows bespoke to your face and features. Your treatment will begin with an in-depth consultation with your HD Brows stylists where you will discuss the look you are hoping to achieve. From there color will be applied to your brows to dye them, we then use a brow mapping formula to measure out and design your brows. A number of hair removal procedures will then be used to create your new brow! Finally, we will finish your brows using a little amount of HD Brows makeup.

We will show you how to use this to maintain your look. HD Brows pencils and palettes are available to buy in the salon. If there is not enough hair to achieve the HD look straight away we will put you on a re-growth programme that will help you achieve your perfect brows in no time!
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• After your HD Brow treatment, we endorse you follow these simple steps.

• Avoid the use of sunbeds, swimming pools, saunas and products containing perfume for 24hrs after the procedure.

• Do not apply self-tanning products directly to the area of the brow as it may alter the color.

• Avoid the use of make-up over the brows other than mineral make-up for not more than 24hrs.

• Avoid the use of harsh exfoliating products and skin thinning products on the brow for 72 hrs

• Avoid strident make-up cleansing products on the brow to continue color retention.

• Avoid tweezing in between visits particularly where we

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