If you are thinking about winning your ex boyfriend back, then there are two possible causes of the breakup: you cause the problem or another girl stole your boyfriend. Either way, the first scenario is no better than the second. Yes, you might find no competitor, but remember that he sees you differently now due your previous mistakes.

Here's what you have to do to win him back:

Jelousy will only worse the matter

Several girls believe that they are able to have another guy to pretend to be their new lover and make their ex jealous. Well, this is a mistake. Although he is jealous, his man’s pride won’t permit him to admit it. You might even get the total opposite effect: he gets a new girlfriend quickly to show you that he is okay without you as you're “fine” without him.

Leave him on his own for a while

Guys always think more with logic than emotion. Let him look at the situation post the breakup by himself. Let him re-analyze his choice to break up with you. Being without you for a while can give him a certain experience where he must decide something crucial: is it better now being without you? Or is it worse?

Find the root of the problem and fix it

You might be able to get him back by your side, but if the issue is still unresolved, the new relationship won't hold for long. Should the problem is you, you have to identify it and try to fix it. Do you know the issues? Is it infidelity? Were you being too picky? Were you being ungrateful? Look into yourself and make a true effort to fix those problems.

Should the cause was another girl, you still have to discover the main problem. Were you being too ignorant and didn’t care too much about his problems? When another girl take over your role to comfort him in his tough times, it is obvious that he will value her more than he sees you (despite the fact that you are his “official” girlfriend). You may not realize it, but you could be the one who drove him to her with your unsympathetic attitudes.

Of course, there is also chance that he’s just a jerk who likes to hop to a new girl’s embrace whenever he’s bored with his current girl. In cases like this, find a better boyfriend. At the very least, you deserve that.

Initiate contact

If you have decided that he is worth to fight for, try to initiate contact. Utilize any method that you could think of: messages, e-mails, phone, or just “accidentally” bump into him at his favorite place. Once you do meet him, you goal isn’t to beg him to take you back. Begging and being desperate are the one that kill the attraction fast, so never ever do that.

Your primary concern is to make sure that he is aware of your changes. You can enhance this changes image by altering your appearance: different clothes, different hairstyle, and so on. However, the main point is showing him that you already throw away all of your negative behaviors and have turned into a new better person.

Following the first meet up, make some real efforts to create opportunities for the next meet ups. Re-introduce the spark in the relationship and show him that you’re better than his current girlfriend (if there is any). This might take a while, but keep putting efforts into it. In the end, you will have him back.

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