If you are running a business and have a website, then you must be planning to offer customer support also. Well the best option for having customer support on line is live chat. This support comes with many benefits. You will experience hike in sales and conversions for your business and satisfied customers too.

The sales are directly impacted as the customers gets instant responses to their queries. Also from the study conducted by ATG Global also showed 40% of the US customers said that they would make the purchase after interacting with the live chat agent. The survey also revealed that 61% of UK consumers also believe that live chat will be very helpful in their buying decision. With these studies you can directly make out that having live chat at your site surely impacts sales.

If you are having live chat at your website then you are going to experience less shopping cart abandonment and higher conversion rates. This is because live chat support option provides your customers with instant responses to their queries. This is also done in a speedy manner that is the answers come faster and in a simple manner.

77% of on line consumers said that they would love to chat with a real person before they click the ‘buy’ button. This simply proves that most of the people who visit your website may simply click away as they cannot chat with a live person. But with live chat the customers moving away from your website will be comparatively less.

Live chat is all there to enhance and satiate your customer on line shopping experience.

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