Pharmaceutical Manufacturers need to fulfill the batch-level reporting requirement of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). But that is only the first step. Moving ahead with the task of outfitting packaging lines and distribution centers with serialization capabilities, managing serialization data across the broader supply chain needs a comprehensive strategy. Manually tracking the masses of serialization data points generated each day across orders, cases, pallets, and shipments are impossible.

To ensure DSCSA compliance AND maximize the value of serialization Investment, there is a need for the capabilities to:
1. Collect and combine serialization data from the packaging conveyors through the “serialized warehouse”.

2. Integrate seamlessly that serialized data with the business ERP systems.

ERP Gold provides companies the ability to integrate serialization in the warehouse by capturing product engagements and serialization data as a product travels through your supply chain – from product purchase through distribution. Through a seamless data exchange with inventory and ERP systems, it ensures the compliance data need is always available in the systems you already use every day.

Also, ERP Gold's serialized inventory provides the transactions and workflows required to manage all serialization and traceability actions, such as:
• Goods Receipt serialized purchase and serialized return of goods.
• Packing and Shipping of serialized products.
• Complete serialization aggregation and disaggregation functions, allowing to manage a serialized product in the warehouse.
• Ability to assemble and integrate additional business data, such as shelf life, expiration date, and unit price data for analysis on the impact on inventory and profitability.

 The ability to manage serialized data from packaging through distribution saves significant time and effort in the warehouse by eliminating manual processes and data input. And with the right solution, it is possible to recoup serialization investment and gain the value-added profits of having a platform to build to support accurate recall management, efficient returns management, and brand protection.

 With ERP Gold serialized inventory management solution, pharmaceutical companies can automatically scan and integrate the serial number and associated data that tracks the movement of product through the serialized warehouse, which turns the compliance with the DSCSA requirement into an opportunity for a true ROI from robust and accurate serialization data. For example, if during the order picking process, it is required to open a full case of one product to make a mixed pallet or case for a customer order, there is no need to go through the process of using multiple transactions to de-aggregate the item from its case, re-aggregate it to the new one, and update this change to the inventory systems.

 ERP Gold captures and integrates data from non-serialized items as well, so there is a single system to manage all of your processes in the warehouse. With more granular serialization of products and clearer visibility move beyond compliance to actual process improvement and operational integrity. As a result the benefit of serialization data to better manage two of the areas that can offer significant ROI– product returns and recalls.

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