Squint in the eye has never been taken well with the Indian society and looked down upon at those who are unfortunately, suffering from this issue. In the past we have seen cases where the groom or his family have turned down a prospective bride over her squinted eye issue even if .it was slight difference However, times have changed and now squint surgery in Delhi can easily be done under the guidance of any leading eye specialists in Delhi.
The more gross the squint, more easy becomes its diagnosis but it is the small or little amount of squint which requires further investigation and hence, diagnosing the right kind of issue with the squint and then, cure it.
Ophthalmologists in Delhi have listed the following causes of squint:
• Refractive errors
• Difference between the vision of both the eyes; reason could be any.
• Weak nerves which supply blood to the eye muscles.
• When one eye gets closed for longer than usual time period.
• Hereditary and genetic causes run down from the family.
• Retina and the brain nerves are not fully developed.
Eye specialist in Delhi have listed two kinds of squints; one is the Convergent Squint wherein one or both the eyes are turned inwards and second is the Divergent Squint-where the eyes are turned outwardly from the normal visual axis.
As per ophthalmologists in Delhi, treatment of Squint can only be cured if there is a restoration of binocular single vision in all the circumstances along with the normality of appearance. With the help of squint surgery in Delhi, a satisfactory cosmetic result can be achieve but not hundred percent accurately.
Few methods which can treat Squint are:
• Correction of Refractive errors with the help of glasses
• Deliberate Occlusion or fixing of the eye with help of patching.
• Squint operation for restoration of parallelism.
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