AmazingCloaker is not just a link cloaker, it's an affiliate suite

AmazingCloaker 6 has evolved beyond simple link cloaking. Cloaking your links is a great way to increase your affiliate conversions, but it's only part of the equation.

The top 4 reasons you get shafted
1. Link hi-jacking

People can simply copy your link, paste it into their browser and insert their own affiliate ID in place of yours. Now they get a discount on their purchase and you end up with nothing, notta, zip!

2. Bypassing Your Link Altogether

This visitor simply shaves off your affiliate ID and goes directly to the merchant site. Why would someone do this? Some people just don't want you to make anything from the referral.

3. Not capturing and keeping those hot leads for yourself.

For some reason, this is one of the most overlooked techniques.

You went to all that trouble to make a conversion, so why let them slip off into oblivion afterwards?

Obviously, if they're interested in the product, they'll be interested in more stuff. Stuff that you can offer them.

AmazingCloaker now has a built in footer capture form generator which you can use to create a non-intrusive way to get your visitors to sign up to your list before they click through on your affiliate link

Now you not only get an affiliate commission for a sale, but you are effortlessly building a valuable list of proven buyers, not just tire-kickers!

Imagine being able to generate income on demand just by sending an offer to your list.

Click here to see a sample of the Footer Side-up Capture Form

4. Spending too much on top-level domains for article marketing

Many article marketers have learned the gentle art of selling through educating, by writing informative articles that offer a review page link as a reference for the reader to click on to get more info. This of course, is your affiliate product review page.

If the article is written to provide useful information to the reader without being an obvious pitch to sell something, major article direcories such as will accept your articles which can be downloaded and reposted by other webmasters, thus generating lots of exposure for you.

For affiliate marketers, there's a hitch if you want to get published on ezineArticles. You cannot use affiliate links in your articles. But, you can link to your review page as long as it's located on a top level domain.

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