Have you seen the film Castaway starring Tom Hanks? This isn’t a film review but rather a review of how we live our lives today compared to our primitive ancestors. On the film Castaway the character played by Tom Hanks ends up stranded on a remote island for four years, having no choice but to fend for himself for survival just like a Stone Age man.

He didn’t sit around all day waiting to get fat, he was forced into doing exercise by needing to hunt for food for survival. There was no processed food, no soft drinks or limitless calories on hand. He was forced to work his body the way it was designed to by pulling, pushing, bending, twisting, squatting, lunging, throwing and even climbing his way through a typical day so he could hunt food and eat to stay alive.

This tells us a few things about our modern day existence.

1. We don’t need to do any form of exercise in order to make it through a typical day.
2. We have unlimited supplies of calories at our disposal without needing to exert our bodies for them.
3. The food choices we have are not all from nature.
4. The most convenient foods we eat today and over consume are man made. These contain added artificial concoctions, which are almost impossible to pronounce.

Compared to our ancestors we move less, eat more, have higher stress levels and eat poorer quality foods. The majority of us do very little exercise daily, sedentary lifestyles take over our day to day existence leaving our bodies under worked and over fed with the wrong fuels. Put all this together and you have an obesity problem.

Taking a leaf out of a castaway like Tom Hanks would dramatically reduce body fat in no time at all. Doing a little daily exercise and eating natural food is the quickest way to a six-pack and reduced fat on the body. But above all it is a healthier way to live your life.

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