Data Cleansing is the part of Data Entry Services. Accurate, relevant, consistent and secure data has been always in demand for long. Clean and high quality data can decrease the working time and can increase the output. Cleaning your data to make it more accurate and useful called Data Cleansing or Data Scrubbing.

Data cleansing means, removing all of your corrupted and inappropriate data from the given records, table or database. During the data cleansing process, different tools are used to check records for accuracy and consistency, and either corrected, or deleted as necessary. Data cleansing process uses different software and tools and can occur within a single combination of database records, or between multiple sets of data which need to be merged, or which will work together.

What all jobs Data cleansing Includes:

1. Corrections of Typos and Spelling errors
2. Proper labeling of a mislabeled data
3. Completing incomplete and missing entries
4. Checking all the records related to grammars and removing extraneous spaces, punctuation, symbols and codes.
5. Making data in right column
6. Proper abbreviations and other language problems
7. Eliminate Duplication

These are the few points consider while Data cleansing or Data scrubbing. When data is in a simple form, a person or persons can read out it to make it more appropriate and accurate. They read out the whole data and remove the mistakes side by side. But In more complex situation, there are lots of Data cleansing tools which can be use to clean or scrub out your data. These tools are programmed to simplify your complex data.

In short the job requires the ability to scrutinize documents for consistency and exactness and make corrections and deletions if needed. To be able to perform efficiently in this area of work one must have excellent written English language proficiency, has a keen eye to details and must be endowed with the ability to make sound and practical judgment in discerning what information needs to be corrected and deleted.

As the whole business depends upon the accuracy of Data, therefore the procedure of Data Cleansing plays a very essential part. Imagine if you have wrong email ids and name of your clients then the employees would not be able to contact them and there you can loose your potential clients. Most of the time it happens that people use wrong grammars with misspellings which can also create problem to read out your whole data.

If you a have a team of expertise who can perform this task well, then it would be fine but if you have a huge amount of database for correction then it would be better to use a tool which will save your time as well as will save your money. Such tools have predefined rules and procedures against which the data to be cleaned is verified. These tool works according to your given instructions. The main purpose of Data Cleansing is to provide the data with minimum errors and to make the data as meaningful and useful as possible.

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