A lot of people try to stay out of the mess, not wanting to get involved. Staying on the sidelines is no longer an option for those who are awakening, though. We are entering a huge, historical, mass event that is already unfolding in our reality. The paradigm shift, sometime around 2012 give or take a few years, is the occurrence of mass awakening all at once in the human race. It is a miraculous event and we all play a role.

There are forces opposing this mass awakening, so it isn’t a guarantee that it will happen for all of humanity if people don’t get involved. It is important that the word is spread so everyone knows we have a choice to experience something beautiful in humanity’s future instead of darkness and disaster. All we must do is make a conscious choice in our hearts. It is a mass vote that will be taken, and whichever side has the most votes wins, love or fear.

Will it be a vote of darkness and oppression, disaster and disease for humanity’s future, which some dark leaders are planning? Or will it be a future of love, compassion, wisdom and true freedom for human expansion and spiritual evolution? If humanity chooses love, assistance will facilitate safe passage through the paradigm shift. Some call it divine intervention if we choose love, and others say ETs are standing by who will stop the destruction, so who knows what is really going to happen. No one really knows. The cosmos is keeping it a surprise ending on purpose, it seems.

One way or another, each human is going to be faced with a choice between whether he or she will resonate with fear or if he or she will resonate with love. It is up to each person which energy he or she will align with. A person can resonate with fear by being a victim, joining forces with darkness, or refusing to make a choice by staying asleep to what is happening. A person chooses love by becoming fearless, even in the face of things that could easily cause fear; loving others anyway even in the face of chaos.

What is happening right now is a division in the mass consciousness of humanity, possibly even a splitting of the gene pool. Those who are evolved enough are moving into a new paradigm because they can experience the spiritual levels necessary, particularly that of a loving heart and realizing that all are connected to source and each other, which is humanity’s next step in evolution.

The part of humanity that is not able to move into a positive experience will move into their own world as well. In a way, it will look to each side that it “won” and got to have what it wanted. For the dark forces, it will look like everyone left. To us it will look like the dark forces left. Each will be free of the others who don’t fit their energy. There are two versions of Earth at this crossroad, two timelines, and each part of humanity will go its own way. The fight, however, is about which version gets to be official. Only one official version of Earth can happen in this physical plane. The battle is between the dark version and the light version, and it is up to the humans incarnated on the Earth as to which one gets to be officially manifested. Everyone is here to cast their vote!

There are two ships, and it is your choice which one you want to be on. The choice is bigger than just this lifetime. It is a choice to be involved for millennia in that energy, so choose wisely. Do you want to experience humanity’s destruction and suppression, an Armageddon, or do you want to experience humanity’s blossoming and expansion into its true destiny? Both choices are available.

No more sitting on the sidelines. Humanity’s survival and entrance into a new paradigm of love and wisdom is dependent on you and the others you can reach. Talk to people about what you know, what their choices are, and learn how to converse in a language people can understand. You can say the same thing to one person one way and a different way to another so that each will understand what you’re saying in their own language. Don’t try to get people to understand it the way you do. Offer what they can accept.

It won’t do to cry “end of the world” doom and gloom because most people tune that out. It is more appropriate to talk about the possibilities for the future and the choices people can make in the face of what’s coming. You’ll find yourself in a position to counsel those who are losing everything or are shocked from abrupt life changes or realizations. You can help them choose peace instead of suffering and adjust to the changes.

There is a wildfire of enlightenment spreading throughout humanity in every individual, and people like you are here to help them. It is important that you take this opportunity for service. In doing so you accomplish your purpose and assist humanity. This is not a time to stay uninvolved because you don’t want to rock the boat. In a way, that is how the world got the way it is. Too many people were not stopping what they saw was wrong because they didn’t want to attract attention even as they saw injustice happening. They were in fear of what would happen if they asserted their own will for a better reality. Everyone has been afraid of that.
The power of one to change the world is in you.

Fortunately, all you have to do first is align yourself in your heart with what you want in your future. No outward battles are necessary, only an inner change. Just reach out to the part of the universe you can reach, which are the people around you. Share when the opportunities to do so arise. If you are already a teacher or leader in spiritual circles, then share what you know with your group. It is a time of change that is upon us now, and you can make a difference. The paradigm shift is a mass event in which everyone is involved!

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