Get outside your comfort zone. Yes, we say that again and again, and yes, you need to hear that again and again—as, by the way, do I. We all have a comfort zone—and even if it expands, we still have a comfort zone. Every desire, dream, and ambition that you have not realized lies outside that comfort zone.

Everything that you have is within that comfort zone. And as human animals—really, I say human animals, but pretty much it's the same with all animals, as far as we can observe—you need to exercise your divinity. And your divinity, not being a regular animal, is that you have got the soul of God inside of you.

You have got a spirit, what we call in The NEW Think and Grow Rich philosophy the Inner Eagle.

Outer circumstances are subservient to you, if you choose to push, if you choose to decide, if you choose to follow through, if you choose to exercise the discipline. And that's what I'm talking to you about today. A good friend of mine, Marshall Sylver, always says—and it's so true—"You'll either have discipline or regrets."

We’re not talking about routine here, we’re talking about stretching.

You've got to get outside your comfort zone.

Why do you think there are so many people (and of course, I'm part and parcel of this) who have done extreme sports? I know that the day that I decided to jump out of an airplane I had already passed 49.9 years in my life.

I didn't really want to jump out of an airplane—I'm talking about with a parachute—but what happened was, I was coming up on the age of 50, and you know all the cultural things about 50. I said, "Whoa! I don't want to buy into being old, I've got to buy into being excited, motivated, charged with life!"

And two days before my 50th birthday I saw a billboard that said, "You're only as big as your biggest fear."

Now, I don't know what your profession's like, but mine could almost be called an airplane. Or if you want to be exact, an airplane and a hotel. I mean, I work in my office, I work in my home, and that's where I do very deep and profound thinking. But when I'm making presentations, I'm flying to an event, normally, and I'm making a presentation at the event.

And so I think "Whoa!"

By the way, I've never gotten over the fear of flying. It's okay—I'm okay to admit it—but when that billboard came up and said, "You're only as big as your biggest fear," bam! I said, "I'm jumping out of an airplane for my 50th birthday."

And it worked, because previous to that I was beginning to think, and beginning to feel - cultural biases - that I might be getting old. After that, my whole electrical system was so charged it's not even funny! I turned young again!

Whatever it is for you—in whatever dimension—get outside your comfort zone. Make it a policy, make it a pact, something that “if you can't, you must!” to quote Tony Robbins."

That's what I wish for you."

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