I propose that your resolutions include tying up lose ends, finishing up with old projects. It is a bit daunting to embark on new projects with old ones lingering. Like many of us, I am sure that you had all good intentions to accomplish all the things you had set forth in the beginning of the year.

When we have things we do not finish there is a part deep within our core that nags at us.

What are some of the things that you have left undone or unresolved?

Get a paper and pencil right now and write them down… yes, even if you may think they are insignificant:

• an unsent thank-you card
• not having changed the oil in the car
• a disorganized desk, car, closet or drawer
• desiring to spend more time with your family, but not making it a priority
• not making time for self-care
• needing to leave a destructive relationship, but lacking the courage to walk away

As you create your list of UNFINISHED BUSINESS it is important that you “check-in” with your feelings. Our body tells us when we are not comfortable with something, and unfinished business can create unbalance in our being.

As tasks build up and errands go unfinished our life becomes less manageable, sometimes we even become stressed and out of balance. The best analogy I can use is a desk… how slowly it becomes cluttered with paperwork and before we know it we can’t locate anything.

When things go unfinished we may experience any of the following:

• feelings of guilt, anxiety or depression
• irritability or anger
• distractions and disappointments
• procrastination
• diminish our self-esteem and self-confidence
• unable to enjoy more out of life

If you take a few minutes to truly go deep into your feelings you may discover that your unfinished business has caused more damage than you had planned…because as human beings we tend to turn to something physical to block anything that makes us feel uncomfortable such as over eating, excessive drinking, sleeping or some other behavior that allows us to cope with the situation.

Now that we understand that balance is important, let’s go back to that list you wrote and focus on what you can do to FINISH those task you had started. When you finish those old projects you will open new possibilities, ultimately you will enjoy more balance and success.

• Go though your list and determine how you will handle each item.

What can be dealt with immediately?
What can be delegated?
What needs to be scheduled for a later date?
What resources do you need to accomplish certain tasks?

Next…Write down your plan of action.

• Remove things from your list as you accomplish them. Most important you may discover that some of the projects you had started no longer serve you – Remove them!

By RESOLVING to start with UNFINISHED BUSINESS you can start the New Year with a clear picture of what is important to accomplish and what you are willing to let go of.

Among your greatest accomplishments for the New Year – Balance and success will be a bi-product of your journey.

Daisy Says: On your mark, Get ready…. FINISH!

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Background in Law Enforcement, Mortgages, Team Building/Mentoring, nonprofits.