If you have a website with digital content whether it is a blog, published articles, videos or something else, then choosing to make it a pay for content site by having subscribers can bring in a good amount of revenue. That is if you have enough people that will pay for it. If you cannot get any subscribers then you will not earn an income from the site. To monetize the content you need the best paywall that suits your site and business. You can then decide whether to rely just on that or whether you are also going to have a mix of ads in there too.

Paywall plugin

Using a few lines of programming a paywall plugin can be installed onto your already existing website. It puts a button that visitors can click on to go to the subscribe page. It makes it very easy and quick for potential customers. When people come to visit you want them to be able to find and click to subscribe with no hassle. With each person that clicks and signs up, you earn a bit more income on the site. Until that plugin is in, you are not going to earn money from subscribers, just from any ads you have. You can have it configured so that it offers the kind of choices you want. Usually something like a monthly option, quarterly option and an annual option. Or you could offer choices based on the number of issues they get.

Quick, easy and convenient

Having a paywall plugin is a great option because of its convenience for both you the website owner and for the visitors to the site. Just having a one click button to click makes it easy for customers to follow. No overly complicated instructions. Just a click, choose the subscription of your choice and then sign up. It is also an easy option for you. No need to re-do your website, it works on all devices, from mobile, laptops, desktops and tablets, and it is easy to track your subscribers. This means you and your visitors are happy!


For certain businesses rather than earning an income from ads on a free to access site, it makes sense to choose one of the best paywall options, so your content is paid for. You can choose to have a hard paywall, so no access is allowed until they subscribe, you can opt for a metered paywall where they can pay for some content but get some for free. Or you can have something like a freemium paywall where there is access to content but for superior content, you have to pay. Having the right paywall can really make a difference in the income you can earn from your website.

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