Did you think that with a program and university selection, a valid visa and an overseas education loan; you are all set to go to your foreign education destination? The answer is, No. There’s something else lacking in your preparations. It’s getting an International SIM that you have forgotten. You might think why you need an international SIM when there’s WhatsApp free calling and Skype. Well, there are two reasons; firstly, you might not always have an internet connection and secondly, there are countries which do not allow WhatsApp to be used. Also, in case of emergencies calling via a normal call is always more feasible. The SIM card provided by your national service provider also operates in a foreign country, in most of the case, but incurs roaming charges. The charges incurred per call are massive and not feasible.

Advantages of the International SIM Card
International Student Sim Card helps you manage your mobile calling expenses when abroad by providing attractive plans to ensure that you don’t incur roaming charges and additional charges per call. You simply have to swap the new SIM in place of your previous SIM and start your subsidized calls.
• The service provider can ship the SIM card directly to your home country
• You can get your new number and SIM even before you depart for your overseas destination.
• The prepaid SIM card can be recharged right from your home country in your own currency.
• Attractive plans can get you massive discounts on call rates and recharges.
• Getting an international SIM can also get you free incoming calls feature.
• Service providers also provide plans for least rates or free calls to India.
• Additional features include, checking the balance online and easy recharge options.
• Global SIM cards may also be provided using which free incoming calls can be availed for more than 150 countries and call rates can be subsidized to match local rates when calling these countries.
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