Giving birth is such a wonderful blessing. Although many wish that it came without weight gain or belly fat. One of postpartum stresses women face, especially first-time moms, is how to get back into shape. Losing weight is harder than ever this time because of many factors.

Being a mother means falling in love with and dedicating your life to a beautiful baby. It involves balancing your usual daily routines and baby care routines. You can be extremely busy and feel that you don’t have enough time for yourself. This makes time management as one of the biggest challenges in getting slim again.

As a mother, the baby is your top priority. This includes feeding the baby, changing diapers, and figuring out how to survive sleepless nights. It is tiring yet there are still other tasks you need to attend to. Like, cleaning the house or doing the laundry. Time management is difficult during this period making workout least of your priority. After attending to the baby and other chores, you’ll most likely fall into the bed to take a power nap rather than to exercise.

Another factor that makes losing weight difficult for postpartum mothers is the body. Many moms feel the urgency to lose baby fats after giving birth. However, is the body ready? It is important to allow your body to heal before doing any exhausting activity. To be safe, wait at least 6 weeks if you had a vaginal delivery to start exercising. At least 8 weeks for C-section delivery.

Give your mind and body time to adjust to your new life. Baby care, sleepless nights, and washing the never-ending piles of laundry is tiring. You need enough rest to gain energy before you should start working out. It is important to start slowly and increase pace gradually. Make sure to take warm ups and rest if you feel any pain.

Your body is different pre-baby. There are a lot of physiological changes in the body during and after pregnancy. This can make losing weight more difficult than before you had the baby. In addition, the belly part is an extra challenge. The skin in this area becomes loose and sag after the baby pops out. There are also excess fats under the tummy which is hard to get rid of. You have to be patient and double your effort to get back into shape.

Getting rid of fats postpartum is sometimes frustrating. Looking at the mirror and seeing your old photos may make you feel down. It also doesn’t help to see your friends amazingly get back into shape after a short period of time. Weight gain and the difficulty of losing it can lead to postpartum depression. It makes one lose self confidence and doubt their body’s abilities.

There is nothing to be ashamed of the body changes after giving birth. In fact, it is something to be proud of because you are now a mother. But let’s be honest, it makes a woman feel good and confident to have a fit body. If you want to be a sexy and fit mom after giving birth, go for it! Self-care is never a selfish act. But remember, you are beautiful no matter your size or shape is.

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