Getting Back With First Love After Years: Getting Back Together With Your First Love Years Later

After a bitter fight with my ex that caused our break-up, I thought of ways on how to get my ex back. I tried many "methods" on how to get with my former flame but some of these actions only caused more conflicts. Let me share with you some of the "methods" I tried so that you don't end up with the same mistake.

o Tried to talk about the relationship ASAP - my number one mistake was when I insisted my ex talk to me about our problems as soon as possible. This only made matters worse because we were too emotional at that stage. We really didn't thought about what we could do about the relationship since we were just blaming each other.

o Letting my ex know my pain, literally - because my former lover will not talk to me about our troubled relationship, I resorted to drastic measures - I locked myself in my room for days only getting out during meal time. While the news of my desperation certainly reached my former lover, my desperation only made my ex angrier. My ex wanted someone who can stand for themselves and not resort to cheap tricks for attention.

o Tried to make my ex jealous - getting your ex jealous will only make matters worst. Your former lover is already hesitant in getting you back and going out with someone else means you don't want your old relationship back.

My best tip to you when you want to your ex back is to think before you act. Do not resort to desperate measures only to gain the attention of your ex. I tried to get my ex back through cheap tricks and it only made matters worse. Be rational about your actions so that you won't find yourself doing something you will regret later.

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People often ask me, "Can I get my ex back a year after we broke up"... There's not always a clear cut answer to this... The reason is first I have to know how long the relationship lasted. The longer it lasted the longer your window of opportunity is open. The shorter the relationship the smaller the window of opportunity.

So generally if you had a long term relationship with this person, getting back together shouldn't be too hard once you know what to do... On the other hand if you did go out for very long you'll have a much more difficult time at getting your ex back, it's still doable but just not as easy as mending a long term relationship back together.

The first thing you need to do is fix the problem in the relationship. Generally it's not a very obvious problem even when you think it is. It's usually an underlying cause that takes some thought to truly see. Whether its being too controlling, jealous, or having too many insecurities, the important part is that you see and accept the problem and then fix it.

A lot of relationship issues can be solved simply by being more positive, open minded, and just more fun to be around in general. If you haven't seen your ex for a while then you'll have to do certain things to get back onto his or her radar. Try getting together with some friends that both you and your ex share, but make sure your ex isn't there... You don't want it to seem like you're chasing after them, you want it to seem natural.

Go out and have a good time with friends and they will more then likely talk to your ex about it like, "Guess who I saw the other night... Yeah and we had so much fun". This will boost attraction and help you to get your ex back a lot easier...

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Relationship can go so smoothly in the beginning. It is what people like to call the "Honeymoon Phase" But sometimes after that phase the love begins to dwindle and people go their separate ways. It can be very painful to break up with the one you love. It can leave you not knowing what to do. Well, if this is your predicament then follow these simple tips and you may be able to reunite with the love of your life.

Don't act desperate

Behaving this way can be a major turn off. It can also make your significant other feel that they made the right decision about leaving you in the first place. If you don't want that reaction from them, it is best to be patient and try to give them a chance to come around.

I wish I'd known then, what I know now

Try to make your ex see that you have learned from your mistakes. Reassure them that you are willing to make a change for the better and that you can't live without them in your life.

Honesty is the best

One sure shot way to reunite with your love is to lay all your cards on the table and tell them exactly how you feel. It should not matter if you have to get a little emotional; all that matters is that you are telling them how you feel from your heart.

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Why can't we be friends?

Even though you all are no longer together does not mean that you both can't keep in touch. Tell your ex that you feel that you both have shared too much together to act like total strangers. If they agree with you, then you might be able to start spending time with each other again. Who knows, it may make those old flames reignite.

Just breathe

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your ex is to get in touch with yourself. So relax and think about what is best for you. You may find that this time apart has helped you see things about your lives together more clearly.

Discuss the past

When you get a chance to see your ex, try to figure out a way where you two can have a private conversation. After you have gotten them all to yourself, bring up very slowly, precious moments from the past. If they don't have any unpleasant remarks then your plan for reconciliation is working.

The Pros

When all else fails, remind your ex of the "you" they fell in love with. Help them to remember the reason why the two of you became a couple in the fist place.

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At the moment, your ex is refusing to talk to you, but I can assure you, if you make your ex an offer that he/she simply cannot refuse, you WILL make your ex desperate to come back to you again! I can say this will total confidence, because it's been done over and over again.

Something about you made your ex lose interest and decide to call off the relationship. All you have to do is figure out what it is, and you will make your ex desperate to come back to you again.

How was your relationship at first, when you and your ex first started dating? Did you do plenty of things together or go to places that you both really loved? Does this still happen or have these things just faded into nothing?

When was the last time you and your ex had a really great vacation together? If you don't even remember, then this is really sad. It means that your life has become so busy that you just don't have time to spend with your ex anymore!

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It also tells me that your ex has now become second-best in your life and that all the other things you do are a lot more important to you. If you are denying this then think again. Your career might have taken off in leaps and bounds, but this has resulted in you spending a lot more time at the office, and you are more than happy to do this, otherwise you wouldn't be doing it, not so?

I can't say this strongly enough, but you need to prioritise your life at once! If your ex means so much to you, then start cutting down on your other activities a lot - this is selfish - and make time for your ex - QUALITY time.

Make your ex desperate to come back to you. Make a booking at a place where you and your ex loved to go for vacations - the honeymoon suite if possible, with all the extras. Then email your ex and tell him/her to be ready on such and such a day, because you are picking him/her up to enjoy a weekend to remember!

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