With the advancement in dental solutions today, there is a lot you can get done at your convenience. Dental implants have been around since the 20th Century, and they are only getting better. In just a day, you can have a full mouth of teeth implants. This is a massive move from the traditional implants where you had to wait for weeks to months to get results. There are various differences between the traditional implants and same day dental service. The first one, of course, is the time. With traditional services, you have to make several appointments with your dentist to achieve your ideal smile.

Why traditional implants take so long

There are several reasons why having an entire mouth fitted with dental implants requires several visits to the doctor. First, you may need to go through several doctors before the placement of permanent teeth. You also have to undergo several surgeries. The first is for extractions and sinus lifting or bone grafting, which has to heal before the second surgery where the dentist places the implants.  When you are taking time off to heal, dentists will create impressions and records to make the final restoration. The dentist will work on the impressions over a few more weeks before they finally place it in your mouth.

The entire process can take even over a year to get done, time that most patients dread. Thankfully, you can have a beautiful smile in 24 hours without breaking a sweat with single-day dental implants. You do not have to wait between healing periods or deal with temporary dentures. One-day dental implants are at times cheaper than traditional implants.

How dentists get dental implants done in one day

  1. Consultation, images and digital scans of your mouth

The first step is to make an appointment with a dentist to whom you will explain your dental needs. The dentist should take photos of your jaw and face in 3D, as well as mouth digital scans.

  1. Planning the treatment

With the results of the images, the dentist can plan your treatment which could be a bone augmentation or sinus lift. You will then go to surgery.

  1. Surgery and recovery

After sedation and numbing of your mouth, the dentist performs tooth extractions, implant placements, and any other procedures needed as per the treatment plan. After surgery, you are free to go home and rest as you await your new set of teeth. Dentists finalize the restorations for your teeth overnight by use of your mouth and face scans as references, to fit your teeth.

  1. The process of recovery and

In the morning, you can visit the dentist for your new teeth. Dentists can make necessary adjustments before permanently attaching the implants to your mouth.

Same-day implants eliminate the need to wait for healing between steps.  The new dental bridges have an underside jaw made of titanium metal, which stabilizes the implants as they heal. You can leave the dentist’s office with a permanent restoration.

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