Nowadays it seems like everyone is selling something. But why not? It's a great way to meet people and work from home, not the mention the fun and unique products you get to sell. The difficult thing is, with so many people doing the same thing you are, you need to make yourself stand out above the crowd. You need to make your home party plan business shine brighter than the rest. For that you need to make sure your parties have a little something extra.

Consider A Home Party Theme Show

The entire "theme" of your party all starts with the product. From there you can let your creativity go. For example, if you’re selling cookware, throw a dinner party. The best way to know how well a pan, dish or utensil works is to use it, right? You could even go so far as to theme it, like A Night in Rome. Or if you don't want to put quite that much work into it, you could do something a bit more simple like Brunch in Britain.

Of course not every home party plan business is going to be food-related. Perhaps you sell make-up.

Do you know what I remember most fondly from my younger years...sleepovers. And quite possibly the best part of those sleepovers was dressing up and putting make-up on each other. Now, I know pillow fights and talking about boys isn't the way to get grown women to buy your product but perhaps makeovers would be a good idea. As a person selling this type of product you should know what colors and tones match each person and you could give them tips and show them what your make-up can do. You could even go so far as to have a spa party. Who wouldn't want an hour or two trying refreshing new scrubs and polishes?

Unique Party Businesses

Some of the home party plan businesses are a little more unique than cookware or make-up, like purses. If I were to plan a party to sell a product such as purses, I might first try to appeal to a more adult crowd, for example providing cocktails. Instead of being literal with your party "theme" you might want to focus on how you want your product to make your customer feel. For example, if I were trying to sell purses, I would want to make my customer feel like a real lady. I would want every woman in that room to feel just like Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's." With a simple cocktail hour and an elegant showing of your wares, your customer just might feel like your product brings out the stunning lady within her...or at least we hope so.

Running your home party plan business can be fun and challenging. The best thing to do when trying to sell your product is to use your imagination, think of what would make you buy the product, and really let your sparkle come through.

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