When the phrase “getting help” is searched on Google, four things pop up first. Getting help for Christmas. Getting help with rent. Getting help for depression. Getting help with mental illness. While not a pure science, the Google search bar is a way to understand what people are going through. If you’re looking for help for you or a loved one, you’re not alone. Let’s talk through some of the most common needs and how to get the help you need.

Getting Financial Help

Christmas and rent, two common needs, both fall into the category of financial need. If you’re struggling to pay bills or provide for your family, look into the resources the government offers. Organizations and government programs exist that can help you pay your bills. You’re not alone; help is available.

Getting Help with Mental Illness

Many people with mental illnesses recover. If you struggle with mental health, you’re not alone, and this doesn’t have to be the way your story looks forever. There are many hotlines you can call, many rehab centers you can visit. Your first step will likely be calling a hotline to just talk. Opening up conversations about mental health will help you go forward and gain a new quality of life.

Getting Help for Addiction

It’s estimated that 10% of Americans are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Of that 10%, roughly 11% seeks treatment. If you’re looking for help with a drug or alcohol addiction, you’re already high above the curve, and a better life is closer. Take a look at local resources, like this New Jersey opioid epidemic information list. Someone is available to help you move forward. Benjamin Alire Saenz said, “If you can quit for a day, you can quit for a lifetime.” You’re not alone, and recovery is possible.

Getting Help with Depression

It’s estimated that 6.9% of the population struggles with depression. Depression is never something to face alone or to be ashamed of. If you struggle with depression, your first step is speaking up. Talk to a doctor and therapist as soon as possible. Both medication and therapy are effective ways to treat depression.

Getting Help with Weight Loss

Roughly 75% of American men are overweight. Nearly 60% of women are. It’s likely that you, too, are looking for ways to lose weight. If you’re looking for a fast way to lose weight, you can look into a diet aid like Stimerex. Other effective ways to lose weight include cutting sugar and processed food or even animal protein from your diet. Usually, though, a plan isn’t enough--which is why most of us need help losing weight. Getting a community or accountability partner can help us lose weight, since encouragement is a huge source of power when getting the body you want.

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.