It is very difficult to convince a loved one that their addiction can be treated if they are admitted to a rehabilitation center. It is a very sensitive and delicate subject matter as it can make them feel unwanted. They are not in the condition to understand the seriousness of their situation. People suffering from AUD i.e. Alcoholic use disorder are unable to control their drinking habits as they are unlikely to function properly without consuming a certain amount of alcohol throughout the day.

The disorder varies from person to person as it can either be mild, moderate or severe. The category of the disorder depends entirely on the symptoms or the side effects that the person is facing. 

Ways To Identify Alcohol Use

Many people are often unable to identify whether their loved one is suffering through AUD or not. However, various aspects can be helpful in terms of diagnosing someone with the problem as serious as being an alcoholic. The majority of the people who are suffering through this disorder are likely to consume alcohol in great amounts throughout the day. They are unable to control their urge even if they are in front of their family members. 

However, the most obvious alcohol use patterns are as follows:

  1. Drinking while driving. 
  2. Unable to control their urge to drink alcohol. 
  3. Consuming a large amount of alcohol even in a social environment. 
  4. An increase in the quantity of alcohol consumed as they are looking for a certain type of buzz. 
  5. Evident withdrawal symptoms when the person is not under the effects of alcohol
  6. Hoping to leave alcohol but they are unable to control their urge. 
  7. Ignoring the problems that are caused due to alcohol. 

How to Motivate People to go to Alcohol Rehab

If a loved one is showing any of the signs mentioned above then one should not ignore the option of sending them to an alcohol rehab center. It is better to motivate them and help them identify the importance of seeking medical help. Various ways should be adopted before sending a loved one to rehab. Some of them are listed below:

  1. The first and foremost step is to show signs of empathy as it is important to help the people realize the reason why rehab is important for them. Quite often people are so mentally exhausted by the addiction of their friends or family members that they give up easily. They need to realize the fact that it is not about how frustrated someone is. One should come up with effective ways to provide empathy and it can be done in various ways. They are as follows:
  2. Always ask open-ended questions and let them answer as it will help people get an insight into what they are thinking or feeling. Avoid making statements or forcing them to follow what you believe in. 
  3. A generalized conversation is always better than the one that involves an acquisitory tone. Always remember that a person who is always under the influence of alcohol is not going to be in a state to understand a different point of view no matter how accurate or practical it is. 
  4. Avoid arguments even if someone disagrees with the point made by a person who is addicted. It can make them hyper or aggressive. 
  5. Show evident signs of love and concern and avoid any sort of criticism.
  6. The healthiest debate is the one that is within a specific type of boundaries. Healthy boundaries are important as it keeps the sanity of every individual intact. Try to initiate a conversation with clear intentions in mind. 
  7. Try to take ownership and responsibility for the problems that someone is facing. An addicted person cannot wholly understand their responsibilities; therefore it has to be done by someone else. However, if a loved one has to go to rehab then someone needs to make them realize that it is their responsibility to admit themselves in rehab as it is going to be for the betterment of the family or friends. The best way to do this is to avoid treating their addiction as an excuse for their behavior or actions. The consequences or the treatment they receive by someone should be the same for everyone. 
  8. People can get help from different avenues especially if they are finding it difficult or feel embarrassed when it comes to convincing someone that they have to visit rehab. However, enlisting help can be useful as it a lot of avenues.

Way Of Getting Experienced Help

  • Take help from a therapist or counselor.
  • Connect with people who went through the same treatment or condition and are now living a healthy life. 
  • Inquire about the experiences of other people especially if someone has gone through the three phases of alcohol use i.e. addiction, treatment and recovery. 
  • Scroll through motivational blogs online as many people share their experiences and one might find a similarity that can encourage them to get help through alcohol rehab

How To Get Help With An Alcohol Rehab

There are a few ways that can be useful in getting help with alcohol rehab. They are as follows:

  • Go through the process of assessment either by a physician or by a professional dealing with substance use disorder patients. 
  • Inquire about the facilities that the rehab is offering as there are cases where the main reason behind alcohol use is either stress or depression. Such patients need resources that can be utilized to combat such anxiety-related disorders. 
  • Try to keep luxury and quality separate as the only thing that should matter for someone is the treatment they are getting rather than the cost or the type of luxurious facilities that a rehab is offering.
  • Many rehabs are willing to give a guarantee that their treatment is going to be successful. Avoid visiting them as one should keep this thing in mind that a person can only recover or leave addiction if they have strong willpower.

This article was written with the state of Georgia in mind. Georgia has a great supply of drug related help available.  Both IOP programs in Georgia and inpatient rehab are available in Georgia. Medication assisted treatment is a very useful and proven alcohol rehab in Georgia and worldwide.

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It is very difficult to convince a loved one that their addiction can be treated if they are admitted to a rehabilitation center.