It is always easier to be grateful when things are going exactly as we want. By the same token, it is easier to be “spiritual” when life flows as we want. It is during the times life offers up incredible challenges that the greatest test of our level of gratitude is experienced. And, when our Spiritual Teachers really irk us we are shown where we may need work to truly walk our talk. Not long ago I was presented with just such an opportunity to see where my spiritual deficits reside as well as how true I am to my spiritual talk. The beauty of such experiences is that we can see our progress by our response to a given situation. If we respond the same way to situations today compared to a time in the past it likely means we have not grown as much as we would like to think. However, if we respond more lovingly to that which used to upset us, then perhaps the growth is occurring more innately then we even knew. When we are given situations that are likely to anger us, it is in these moments we are allowed the opportunity to raise our awareness and hold true to that which we claim to be our truth.

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