Making the Law of Attraction Work for You, the Column- Part 3

By Steve Taylor

I hope that you are seeing results from your effort to build the all-important foundation that allows us to engage the Law of Attraction. I know how challenging this task can be. Please keep in mind that this is a marathon, not a sprint. Patience, a willingness to recognize the smallest change as a win, and keeping an open mind to the unseen, are essential to realizing your true potential. Let us look at how negative energy affects us.

Negative Relationships- The influence of “Eor Primes”
I am willing to bet even money that virtually every one of us can think of one person in our immediate social sphere that can be described as negative. I affectionately refer to these folks as “Eor Primes”. The operative question is to determine how we minimize the influence of the “Eor Primes” in our lives. Many of them have carved out a niche in our life, especially if we have been struggling with everyday challenges- money, relationship, lifestyle, or health. One technique that has worked for me is to sit down with Eor and explain your choice to pursue a new path towards engaging the Law of Attraction. Remember what I said earlier about the benefit of helping others realize success and positive change. Perhaps your “Eor Prime” is also frustrated with their inability to harness the Law of Attraction and simply need validation for their challenges. However, we must be prepared to reduce our interactions with these people, if you find that after your heart-to-heart talk, they continue bringing you down emotionally and spiritually. I found this to be true with a long-term relationship with my own “Eor Prime” that I have endured. She has been a great friend. However, once she became aware of my desire to engage the Law of Attraction and actually saw my life change for the better, she started nibbling at the edges of acceptance and became less negative than at any time in our relationship. I did reduce my interaction with my friend, and the reality of my conscious effort to minimize negative contact improved our relationship by reducing the opportunities for negative engagement. Frankly, I considered this a small victory that I am very grateful for given the challenge that negative people provide in our life.

Staying Positive
So, we find ourselves in a bit of a downward cycle. Take a minute to look around and determine what it is that is truly causing our lack of balance and overcast perspective. The cause could be as simple as the weather. Do you live in a northern climate as I do, and experience cloudy days 6 out of 7 days per week during the 6-months of winter? You may be experiencing the symptoms of SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. A simple solution is to visit your local tanning salon two days per week and engage the artificial sunlight from tanning that helps your skin manufacture Vitamin D3. Keep in mind that while the tanning booth does work to activate your body’s production of Vitamin D3, you may not benefit from it. Research has shown that in order to benefit from the Vitamin D3 production created by artificial sunlight, we must not shower for up to 72 hours after a tanning session to ensure that the Vitamin D3 is fully absorbed. Not sure that most of us have that flexibility in our schedule. But, regardless of the physiology of Vitamin d3 absorption, you feel great after a 10-20 minute tanning session.
You can also consider using a form of neurofeedback called audio-visual entrainment to help you overcome SAD, learn to meditate and stay in a better mood during the long winter months. You can learn more about these mind-training exercises at

Dismiss your Worry Habit
Stop worrying. It is the most unproductive emotion, other than resentment, that there is. While some people with OCD can actually benefit from the motivational energy that worry creates, for most of us, worry just facilitates our downward cycle. Try to get better sleep, learn to meditate and turn your back on the habit of worry. Not worrying does not mean that you do not care about things. It simply means that you recognize that there are more constructive ways to solve your problems. This is an essential component of engaging the Law of Attraction.

Visioning and Being Socially Active
We talked about the importance of getting exercise, especially during the winter months. It chases away the blues and keeps your mind fresh. Join a book club or special interest group in your local community. Keeping socially active is another important key to staying positive. If you are financially challenged or are just unable to travel due to work or family commitments, join an online group and learn about the interests of other people. Visit online travel sites and visualize your next great trip. I have my sites set on visiting the island paradise of Santorini, in the Greek Riviera.

Finally, recognize that all of these incremental improvements in your outlook on life are helping you move closer to being able to fully engage the Law of Attraction. Each positive step that you take, gets you closer to the life that will make you happiest. That is what the Law of Attraction is all-about.

Next week we will talk about the Law of Intentionality. Till then, enjoy the little things in your day.

Author's Bio: 

Steve Taylor is an author of a 200 page E-Book titled: When Spirituality Meets Innovation. In addition,for 2011 he has completed a certification as a Certified Suplement Counselor(Dip.DSC) through the Holt Institute of Medicine and has completed a certification as a (Project Manager Professional)PMP. Mr. Taylor's commercial goals are to work with baby boomer health consumers to introduce the benefits of using condition specific supplements and Audio-Visual Entrainment, mental focus tools for concentration and improved performance under pressure.