Getting in touch with your inner guidance lays a firm foundation for self-empowerment. When you get in touch with your inner guidance, you are no longer working alone. You have “inside” help. You are opening up to being guided to your highest good. This is important because part of the equation of the Law of Attraction is to have the right desires. Inner guidance can steer you in the direction of the right desires for your situation. It also gives you clearer direction.

Let me give you an example of how inner guidance and intuition can work. One of my clients attended a convention with several friends. They had traveled there together from another city and were staying in the same hotel. They attended the convention together for two days. The final evening was the awards banquet and when they were about to leave, my client told her friends that she didn’t want to go. Her friends were surprised and asked why. All she could say was that her inner guidance told her to stay at the hotel that evening. So her friends went, and when they returned they told her that she was right to not go, because it was the worst dinner, and the most boring awards ceremony they had ever endured.

Now this is just a small example, but that’s where it starts…trusting your intuition on small things. When you see the small things as evidence that your inner guidance is working, you become open to bigger things happening.

Another example was a client who had a problem with her son’s school. The district borders changed and he would have to change schools. She didn’t want him to change schools and thought her only option was to sell her home and relocate in order to keep her son in the same school. But her inner guidance gave her the idea to talk to the school officials and the result was that her son was allowed to remain in the same school without having to relocate.

This is an instance where although only one undesirable solution was apparent, something entirely different resolved the situation by the person being connected to inner guidance. When you partner with spirit, amazing things can happen. That’s because you are no longer at the mercy of the outside world. Your results aren’t based solely on your outer actions because you have laid a foundation from the inside out.

So what is the best way to get in touch with your inner guidance?

One of the best ways I have found is a simple exercise for starting and ending the day. It is a tool that allows you to pre-pave your day the way you want it to go and how you want to feel. It aligns your energy with your intentions on a daily basis and it is the foundation for managing your emotions, actions, and reactions. You start to create your life experience deliberately instead of by default. You can find a free audio describing this tool on my website.

Being in touch with your own inner guidance, opens the door to more creative solutions to problems. When you solve them you feel more empowered. You also start developing more confidence in your problem-solving abilities, which enhances your ability even more. And because you are connected with your inner guidance, you can use more of your own intuition to make decisions and solve problems.

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