Getting organized seems to be a lost art. Without constant effort at home organization you can quickly build up clutter that can affect your physical, mental, and spiritual health. The main home organization remedy for curing clutter is control and balance. Clutter control requires that the amount of stuff coming into and leaving your space is kept in balance. Getting organized at home is just part of a healthy lifestyle.Somewhere, somehow, some people have lost control of household acquisitions and disposals! The same people who have perfected the art of shopping and collecting have lost the art of purging.
American TV shows are even capitalizing on the trend to amassing clutter by showcasing people who are surrounded by stuff and do not quite know how it got there or how to get rid of it!
Home organization is now a trend. But is it a trend because of fashion or necessity?
Home Organization Improves Health
Your physical, emotional, and spiritual health are all affected by the nature of your environment. Clutter is simply not good for your health on all levels.
Clutter can lead to depression and of course it causes problems with dust and mold. It is also a safe haven for cockroaches and other insects who can live off the organic ingredients supplied by paper.
Mental Health
Some alarming truths about clutter and your mental health are notable by the language that clutterers use to express their current state of mind. Clutters often express feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and hopelessness. These same feelings are the symptoms of depression. Clutter is one of the causes of depression and depression is also one of the causes of clutter. The relationship between clutter and depression is well established in the mental health literature.
Physical Health
A cluttered home is very difficult if not impossible to clean. Debris and waste provide a perfect environment for the growth of mold and the accumulation of dust. Certain insects will thrive in the dark damp nooks and crannies provided by your clutter. They live there happily eating small bits of organic matter, eliminating their wastes and reproducing prolifically.
All of these insect biological activities simply add to the burden of dust, mold, and organic particulates in the air in your home. The resulting effect on your health can be allergy induced asthma.
Did you know for example that the feces of dust mites and cockroaches are significant allergens and can precipitate an asthma attack in sensitive individuals?
Spiritual Health
And as far as your spiritual health goes - well, have you even seen a cluttered monastery? Those seeking enlightenment have always recognized that clutter is distracting. It is simply not possible to develop into higher levels of connection with the divine when you live amidst clutter.
Many people are seeking home organization ideas and products to help them achieve a more orderly environment so their lives can be healthier and more productive.
Regardless of your home organization challenges the cure is always the same. You have to implement clutter control strategies that balance home acquisitions and disposals.
The only way that clutter can accumulate is if this equation is unbalanced on the acquisitions end. Good clutter control can improve your environment and help you to stay healthy.
Getting organized at home is a simple and necessary part of a healthy lifestyle.

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