Getting over a crumbled relationship is hard, but it must be done so you can go on with your life without feeling sorry. Here are 5 suggestions to get over a breakup and taking your new life as a precious gift.

The Japanese were hurriedly crossing the street in Shibuya, Tokyo when Han (Sung Kang) told Sean (Lucas Black), “Life’s simple. You make decisions and you don’t look back.”

You can see that scene in the movie, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. No, you don’t necessarily have to be a car racer to hasten the process of getting over a breakup. But his words are deep enough to help you heal a broken heart easily and wisely. The two sentences may sound very simple but its deeper meaning can be elaborated by the phrases listed below.

Past is past.

When you look back at your childhood years, there must be an incident that you wish you should have reacted or behaved differently. But since that decision belongs to that moment, only the fictional time machine can help you fix it. The same thing goes with your breakup. When you closed your hearts for each other, your relationship became part of history. Even if you cry or booze hard, nothing can be done with the spilled milk.

Win the battle.

The battle between you and your emotions will come naturally after the separation. Anguish is hard to manage so it’s unsurprising that you’ll be caught unprepared and draw back at the start. But after awhile, when you’re called to make a stand, you’ll understand yourself better through your behavior under this difficult circumstance. If you lose, you go to an asylum of regretful patients. If you win, you get to do the next phrase.

Exclaim “Carpe Diem”.

“Carpe Diem” is the Latin phrase for “live in the present”. After letting go of the past, live your life constructively. Go biking, fishing and bowling. Idolize Manny Pacquiao through punching bags or Mark Zuckerberg through developing social networking sites. Eat, pray and take photos. Ideas to smoothen the process of getting over a breakup gush forth. The only question is, “Where will you start?”

Look right and left.

When your ex slammed the door, there’s nothing wrong with throwing it wide again. Anticipating his or her return is futile but the people who care for you would like to enter and ensure you’re feeling well. Spend time with your family and friends and get strength from their love and care. It’s comforting to know they’re just around. Lovers arrive and leave but they will always be two steps behind you, no matter where you go.

Think of the future.

In what way? The second rule of Stephen Covey is, “Begin with an end in mind.” Do you envision yourself putting your arms over another woman’s shoulder? Can you picture out the scene when you see your ex with someone else but you feel no more ache? That’s good! Your target will shape your views and attitudes.

When you’re finished getting over a breakup, find hope in love again. As a song says, “It’s the lover not the love who broke your heart last night. It’s the lover not the dream that didn’t work out right.” Just take your past as a learning experience and make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes in the future.

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