Diwali is closing in fast and we are set in the mood for a celebration. It's time for crackers, fireworks, meeting friends, festivities, sweets, get togethers and sweets.

Often we find that we indulge excessively in sweets on Diwali. After the festive season is through, we find that people are required to go on a diet to shed the excess pounds.

Sometimes, they wake up early in the morning and go jogging.

This all can be tough on one's schedules.

But more importantly, it is the diabetics who have to suffer as they cannot indulge in sweets.

More importantly, if someone at home is diabetic, family members often have to compromise. They don't prepare too many sweets for Diwali.

And when guests come over, they have to make do with serving other stuff.

So, diet wise, Diwali season could be tough if someone is a diabetic, or fighting obesity.

One of the ways of making sweets, such that they do not influence your diabetes is by going for natural sweeteners.

If one uses natural sweeteners, Diwali would be more awesome, and if someone's a diabetic, he/she could heartily indulge in his sweet tooth without guilt, or even a health risk!

Natural sweeteners, for instance Stevia are 100% sugar free, but offer the same great taste as sugar. And the best part is that Stevia has no side effects.

So while you fight diabetes, the body stays supple. And that way, your fitness levels are higher. One's appetite is reduced by default because with a high nutrition substance like stevia, one does not feel tempted to go for high fat or fried foods. And the sweets all taste wonderful.

Don't you wish that inspite of being a diabetic; you would not have to compromise on your diet?

If you could eat what you desired, when you desired, and in as much quantity as makes you happy?

It's just a matter of knowing how to cook for someone who is a diabetic. A saying goes around that diabetics are healthier than normal people, because they eat healthier.

So if you come to realize how to eat right, it could make a difference on your being. There is then no shirking away from food just because sweets are not there for the taking, and really a matter of eating right.

Even while you have diabetes, you could be healthier, happier and always ready to take on life!

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