There are various kinds of alarms out there which are used for protecting homes, but there is also one which has been designed to ensure the safety of some of your staff at home. The device is referred to as the lone worker alarm.

Giving any of your home staff that falls within the group of people who usually work alone without others and without supervision with a lone worker alarm even when as this is already embodied in the statute books is a morale booster and will equally forestall problems that may occur to you as a result of this negligence. Think of what could happen to any of your home staff that falls under this category who may not be able to contact you via the telephone or any other means, even a home panic alarm. Yeah right, this is better imagined than said, but things do definitely happen and that is why it is necessary for each and every one of us to be prepared before they do happen. So get one for your cleaner, security staff and others if they fall under this category. Along with this you equally have the home panic alarm stated earlier that can be connected to your windows and external doors having the panic button located inside the master bedroom; this is if a fixed cable connection is what you are using. Otherwise, you have the wireless panic alarm that allows you to move with this panic button. This particular type is very useful for setting off immediate alarm signals when there are emergencies, it is also used by the elderly to call for help.

Using a home panic alarm is great as signals sent are usually silent. Which means that if you are faced with an invader, this person will not be aware that a signal has been sent, making it easy for this person to be caught.

That is why this device should be added to your already existing security apparatus if you don't already have one. It will obviously complement this security arrangement.

The next thing once you have gotten the lone worker alarm for people that qualify is for you to ensure they know how to use this item. This request may seem like much, but if you consider the safety of your family and property it would not be as your staff having it may depend on this. You should also know that a lone worker alarm can come with as much as 500 meters radio range and even more, this means you need to consider the coverage limit before getting one.
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