If you are interested in teaching English as a foreign language to non-English speaking children, you are in for a fun and rewarding career. One of the best parts of this kind of work is the travel. If you want to see the world and make a difference in it, teaching English in a foreign country is a great way to get started. But what do you have to do to qualify for this kind of work?
Typically, companies hiring teachers for this kind of work require you to obtain a 120-hour TEFL certificate. To qualify for a certificate, you need to take a TEFL course approved by the World TEFL Accrediting Commission. These courses are held in countries all over the world, from TEFL courses Chicago to TEFL courses Manchester England. These courses are often held on a weekend so you can complete the in-class portion of your certificate while still holding down other college classes or a job. You will find that companies will pay you more if you have completed some of your work in the classroom instead of completely online, so looking for courses that offer both options is a great idea as long as you are going to the trouble and expense of going through the program. So taking your class while living near a larger city will be helpful, such as the classes offered by TEFL courses Manchester or Oxford.
When considering where you may want to work, thoughts come to mind of 3rd world countries and travel abroad. While this is an exciting option for many, you may be surprised to know that there are also many jobs available for English teachers in countries that predominantly speak English. Immigrants often have a desire to learn the official language of their new country so they can obtain better paying employment. So don’t assume you have to travel if that is not your thing. You may be able to teach English to non-English speakers in your hometown.
When you are getting ready to sign up for TEFL courses Manchester or TEFL courses New York, you will be in luck if you already live near one of these larger cities. However, if you live in a smaller location where a live course is not available, you will have two options. You can take most of your course online and travel to a larger city to take the classroom portion, or you can move to a larger area temporarily to take your TEFL course. Find a city you are excited to discover and then see if they offer TEFL courses there. Whether it be TEFL courses Manchester or TEFL courses Paris, you can find a great place to get your 120-hour teaching certificate and then you’ll be ready to start an exciting new career.

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