Often caregivers need a little extra support when taking care of loved ones, and just having a bit of time off during the week can make all the difference. One of the best choices for temporary care is to use an adult day care facility, which caters for seniors and adults with disabilities or handicaps. These centers may be one of the most cost efficient ways to care for the elderly on a day to day basis, as the amount of attention they receive while at this type of facility may even be higher than can be given at home. There are dozens of benefits for your loved ones, ranging from getting a great social environment to have fun as well as the chance to partake in educational activities to keep the mind sharp. Not only do professionals at elderly day care facilities offer enjoyment for all, but they also monitor the health and nutrition of each participant throughout the day. Whatever condition your loved one suffers from, they can receive a good level of care at these facilities.

Adult day care centers are safe and secure places, and the participants are well supervised. One of the most beneficial aspects of the elderly care provided is that often the service can be highly personalized, and will cater for the specific needs of your loved ones. If the care recipient suffers from any cognitive or physical conditions, they will be in good hands. Most adult day care centers have highly trained staff, nurses, social workers and therapists on hand to ensure that day visitors receive the utmost level of care. You can pass on caring for the day to these centers and be sure that they will take care of your responsibilities perfectly so you will not have to worry. Bringing your loved one to a day care facility relieves you and other family members of the day to day care duties, and allows you to take a much needed and restful break, or gives caregivers the chance to get important tasks or chores completed.

Costs Associated With an Adult Day Care Facility

Each adult day care facility will have its own price structure, and this will vary considerably from center to center depending on the staff employed, the facilities, and the activities which are run. There are many facilities which offer specialized care for those with cognitive or physical disabilities who need constant care, and these tend to work on the health care model rather than providing mainly social care. You may even be able to find a day care facility that focuses on specific conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease. Quality adult daily care facilities can enrich the lives of the participants, whether they are used just once or twice a week, or Monday to Friday.

Adult day care centers typically cost anywhere from forty to one hundred dollars per day. The average is around 60 dollars a day in the United States. These facilities are open throughout the week during normal business hours, and typically open at around 6:30 am until 6pm. You can take care of other tasks while your loved one is being taken care of on a daily basis, and having a break can do wonders for your mental health. Adult day care facilities offer you a break while being proactive in the care of your loved one.

It should be noted that Medicare will not cover the expense of this type of adult day care center. However, Medicaid will pay all or most of the costs involved in many cases so it is worthwhile contacting your local Medicare office for advice if your loved ones qualify. Medicaid qualification is governed on a state level, and each state has its own criteria for determining poverty levels and who gets funding. Adult day care centers are one of the cheapest options for providing respite care for caregivers, and are much cheaper than most home health aides.

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Adult daily care can take its toll on caregivers, and getting regular respite care is important to ensure that the health of the caregiver doesn’t suffer. Adult day care centers are one of the best and most cost effective choices available and are usually enjoyed by care recipients for the stimulation provided and the opportunity they get to socialize. If you want to make sure your loved ones get the care they need, look up adult day care centers in your area and see what options are available.

Jennifer Lee writes on health, wellness and adult day care.