One form of therapy is blue light acne treatment. The affected skin areas are treated with a device using blue light waves. In the meantime, a combination of blue and red-wave light has been used because it has proven to be particularly effective. Light therapy for acne does not use harmful UV radiation. In medical practices and cosmetic studios, care is usually taken to ensure that the devices do not emit UV rays. If you want to buy a device for home use, you should make sure when buying that it does not emit UV radiation.

The blue light (wavelength of 420 - 480 nm) is said to alleviate the inflammation, more precisely, it destroys the blue light, the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes, which is responsible for inflamed pimples.

Is light therapy the solution for pimple sufferers?

As early as 2000, the British Journal of Dermatology published a study on the effectiveness of light therapy with blue wave light against acne vulgaris. The result of the study was that the mixture of red and blue light gave the best results. The corresponding test group experienced an average improvement of 76 percent of inflammatory acne, and blackheads also improved by 56 percent.

Light therapy mask for home in the test: is the skin really getting better?

Light therapy has been offered in medical practices or cosmetic studios for several years. However, there have so far been few products on the market with which the promising therapy could also be continued at home. With the visibly clear anti-acne light therapy mask, Neutrogena now offers an uncomplicated solution. We have tested this light therapy mask for the treatment of light to medium facial acne for you.

How is the light therapy mask used?

The application takes place daily after facial cleansing and lasts 20 minutes. During the treatment, the skin is illuminated with blue and red light. The acne-causing bacteria are combated: blue light kills the bacteria and the red light reduces inflammation.

For light therapy, you connect the mask to the activator, which is also the start button and application counter. Now put the mask on and keep the start button pressed for a few seconds. If you press the start button again for a few seconds during the treatment, the light therapy is stopped. However, normally the activator evaluates this as a whole treatment and accordingly deducts an application from your quota, but myledtherapy providing led face mask with unlimited use. So really take your time and make sure that you are not disturbed for twenty minutes.

How does the light therapy mask feel on the skin?

Thanks to LED technology, the mask on the face does not get warm. In addition, it works without UV rays and your eyes are also protected by glasses with filters. You can even look at your smartphone or TV, but in a slightly different color.

Conclusion: what is the result?

The application is simple and the amount of time is unlimited. After about 15 days, my skin actually looks a bit calmer than before, you can try too because I felt myledtherapy product far different and qualitative from other led masks.

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