Living beings of all kinds are subjected to fear. Fear has an effect on all ages from young to old. Among this children develop fears faster than others as they do not know or understand much about the general habitats. They do not have the maturity to realize and identify the difference between the rational and irrational. Children are more subjected to irrational fears as they are only objects of the mind, that do not have legitimate forms. The mind creates the irrational objects for which the child will be afraid of.

We need to realize that developing fears in us is quite normal as humans. Everyone would have fear of something or the other. This can be developed in childhood or later in the life. Fears are always induced in our mind by events that took place in ones life. It can be an experience you had or something that might have got you scared. The most important factor to reduce the fear is finding the source and assessing the fear. Such fears are called as rational fears. Irrational fears are normally triggered into our minds at a very early age, these are often imaginary objects.

Can we overcome fear?

The majority of the people who suffer from fears are those incidents from childhood. As mentioned earlier childhood fears are mostly irrational that do not exist or are imaginary. These people tend to carry these fears in them as they grow up. These kinds of fears are called as
Childhood Trauma.

Two ways to overcome Childhood Trauma

Face your Fears bravely

To overcome fears in life you need to find the source of the fear. Until and unless you find the source of the fear it cannot be reduced or treated. Most of the fears are carried from childhood which is irrational. It would be best to talk to your family members or friends regarding the fears. It is not easy to explain to anyone about the irrational fears but it helps you to reduce your tension and emotional burden that you have been experiencing since childhood. This is the most common method used to overcome tensions and fears. Since your family members and friends knows you well they will also be able to give you valuable suggestions to overcome fear.

Get an Expert Advice

You might feel difficult in discussing your childhood fears to your family members and friends, and then you can get an expert advice. There are many psychological experts who help people to overcome their fears and reduce their tensions. They are equipped with all the knowledge and training to help you to eradicate fear. It will be very useful as they will help you to find the source of your fear and assess it. This will have an effect on your social life and personal life.

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