The tiny insects called lice thrive by breeding in the hair and scalp, thus causing itching. Their tiny size makes it difficult to detect them while they continue feeding on blood. Also, they are contagious and their small eggs can multiply an infestation. The life span of lice is short, meaning they die faster. So, how do you get rid of this irritating parasite and its eggs?

Be sure it’s lice

Sometimes an itchy scalp is caused by dry skin or dandruff. It’s not always a louse; hence, check out to be sure. Ensure the eggs are present if it’s a lice. However, dandruff and dry skin are symptoms of lice and a thorough inspection under light can prove their presence. If you see something grayish-brown, then that’s a parasite. Lice attach an inch from the scalp; hence, spotting them is faster.

Learn the process

Mild pesticides used on the scalp are safe lice treatment methods. However, keep such treatment far from kids since they are toxic when ingested. If you suffer from skin allergies, seek your healthcare provider’s advice, or lice treatment near me before applying any lice treatments. Here is what you need to know before applying a delousing treatment:

● History of allergies and scalp infections
● Previous failed treatments
● You’re suffering from an injured, or crusty scalp
● Invisible lice
Female lice tend to be bigger than males. The worst is that they lay six eggs in a day, so you can imagine if they are on your scalp. They multiply quickly and getting rid of them will mean killing the adult lice, as well as removing their eggs. Numerous egg lice shampoos, such as ovicideskills eggs and adult lice. Unfortunately, they may not kill all; hence, some people resolve to remove lice using hands.

Try a delousing shampoo

Delousing shampoos available over-the-counter so getting them is easy. If you think you have a lice infestation, try a delousing shampoo. You should be able to use the shampoo correctly by adhering to the instructions. Put on clean clothes after shampoo treatment and wash the infected ones in hot water, or hot dryer. This kills lice faster and also prevents their reinfestation.

Clean contagion sources

Anything that comes into contact with your head must be washed thoroughly and sun-dried. This includes things like pillows and hats, which are frequently used. If the lice fall off a human head, it can infect other objects and people. Applying the following tips reduces lice spread or re-infestation:

● Ensure you vacuum your furniture, carpets, and other items likely to suffer lice infestation.
● After using combs and brushes, soak them in hot water. This kills any present lice, but a more effective solution will be to replace your items.
● Wash and dry everything in your house that you think might have come into contact with the lice. This includes items like wash scarves, hats, clothes, and more.
● Always have a habit of replacing pillows and pillowcases.

Following the above tips should help you get rid of lice. However, there are numerous lice treatment near me if the above solutions don’t work. A healthcare provider will guide you on the best treatments and a permanent solution to your problem.

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